Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 19, Scribe Period 3

Class began with morning announcements.

Here is Smith's Weekly Agenda.

Aly collected some money for Warrior Week. Arapahoe will be donating this money to Adam's Camp and Smith has arranged a deal with periods 3 and 5 that whoever raises the most money will get a variety of home baked goods. Keep bringing in your change!

We will be reading A Whole New Mind in the coming weeks. Students who do not wish to purchase a copy of the books can check out a book from Ms. Smith and get a head start on reading over Spring Break. Please only use sticky notes to annotate the class copy books. 

Today we held the second round of the Grammar March Madness competition. The sentence was:
as we prepare for final exams some students became nervous but I am well prepared
The diagram looks like this:

Here is the answer key:

Here is the current bracket:
Note: There may be a rematch for those who were absent today, so don't panic.

For the remainder of the class period, we read Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Scenes 2-5.
To catch up on the reading, check out No Fear Shakespeare on Sparknotes.

Return your copy of 1984 or Little Brother to Smith if you checked one out
Copy of A Whole New Mind (If you want to buy one)

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