Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Scribe 10-31-12 Period 3

Scribe 10-31-12 Today we...... Finished our presentations (Montag: Zack and David/ Firemen: Sophie and Erina) We talked about our class essay and some people did great and some people really struggled. If you did struggle you are supposed to make a writing conference with Mrs. Smith about how to improve your writing. You should note that if you did not attach your whole in-class essay outline then you were automatically docked 20 points. When you get to class tomorrow make sure you have that outline so you get those 20 points back. Got our in-class essay back. Homework...... Banned Book Project Writing Conferences SAT Work

Wonder Woman Songs














Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Scribe Period 5 10/30/12

Today in class Mrs. Smith was back. We spent the whole period presenting our brains assignments. Every group got to go except one and they will be continuing their presentation in class tomorrow. Mrs. Smith also explained the homework at the beginning of class. 

- SAT Lesson 8 due this Friday
- Sign up for writing conference if you so choose
- Banned Book Project due 11/5 (that is the upcoming Monday!)

Also don't forget its a make up PSAT day tomorrow! School starts at eleven! Have a great day!

Scribe Period 3 10/26/12

Today we are typing an in-class essay on the book Fahrenheit 451, "The Pedestrian", and "Harrison Bergeron". Have the outline ready for class. Here is the link Use this to finish the outline or create one. NO PARAGRAPHS ALL READY WRITTEN!!!!!!! If absent please see Mrs Smith about make up.


-SAT 7 Test and Exercises due Monday
-Banned Book Project

Have a great weekend!!!!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Scribe Period 5 10/29/12

Today in class, we had a substitute teacher. 

We turned in our SAT Vocabulary Lesson 7 exercises and took the quiz (word, part of speech, definition, and put it into an original sentence).
After that, we had time to independently work on our banned book project (finding documented proof of why your book is banned and do you agree with the reasoning, storyboarding out ideas for your movie trailer, editing, etc.) 
Here are some helpful websites for creating your trailer:
For the final few minutes, we reviewed the new SAT Vocabulary Lesson 8 words. 

Here's the link for how to submit your entire banned book project to Smith. (We didn't talk about this in class since we had a sub, so we might go over it later with Smith)

Banned Book Project (Due 11/5!)
Present Brains tomorrow
If you haven't had your writing conference with Smith about PLN3, make sure you schedule it!!
Work on SAT exercises 8

I conveniently linked the slide show here if you want to view the rest of the week.

By the way, the PSAT day is Wednesday, as well as Halloween. Wooooot.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Scribe Block 5: 10-26-12


  • SAT work and quiz (our quiz is on Monday)
  • Banned book/ banned book project (due November 5th)
  • writing conference for your PLN (if you haven't done so already)
  • present brain assignment on Tuesday
Today in class...
We worked solely on our in class essay. It was timed, and we could only work on it in class. Our essay topic was the warning for society that are in "The Pedestrian", "Harrison Bergeron", and Fahrenheit 451.

Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

October 25, 2012 Block 3

October 25, 2012 Block 3
Today we went over specific expectations for the in class essay on friday. If you missed class it would be best to see Smith in person to see if you are ready.

Things allowed on in class essay
Quotes properly cited
Everything else must be composed in class

Plan for 3 body paragraphs. We

Need to use all three texts
Need three different modern examples
No personal words EVER!!!
Save numerous times

Look on powerpoint for link to thesis examples for in class essay. is a good website to find new ways to say things.

-SAT 7 monday need to know word, part of speech, and use it in a sentence
-In class essay prep
-Banned book project

Scribe Period 5 10/25/12

Today in class we worked on what should go into our outline, thesis, and the overall in class essay. Smith started out by explaining the powerpoint she has up on her calendar. That powerpoint explains pretty much everything you need to know about the in class essay. She went from slide to slide explaining and answering any questions that came up. (Here is the link if you need it) Smith's in class essay powerpoint. For the thesis you need to have three points but you will only use two. I will also list some points we listed in class. She explained that you need to include all three pieces in your essay but you will only have two body paragraphs. You still need to incorporate all three pieces in those two. You will also need a quote in each paragraph and a modern example of your point. She made it clear that you still need to do the outline for the third paragraph because you will turn in your outline. She also said how to internal document something. You will not have to include a work cited/ bibliography what so ever!
(Points for essay)
- technological addictions
- violence in youth
- lack of literature
- loss of morals
- really controlling government
- narcissism
- lack of education or knowledge
- apathetic society
- short attention span
- lack of relationships
- lack of religion
- negative influence of the media
- lack of individuality
- extreme censorship
- lack of motivation

- Outline and thesis due tomorrow
- SAT lesson and quiz Monday
- Banned book and project

Have a great day!

- Haden Waski

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Scribe for 10/24/12 Pd 3

Scribe for 10/24/12
Hello everyone, I hope you’re having an amazing day!
Today in Smith’s class we had a productive day and ended up getting a lot of work done. I hope that you finished your brains presentation, (it was due today)! Make sure that someone in your group shared the link with Smith at Also check that everyone's name and class period is on the project. We had a quiz on Fahrenheit today, if you missed the quiz be sure to look through the book for main ideas.The quiz was pretty easy so don’t stress over it too much. Smith also mentioned that we should be working on our banned book video and SAT exercises.
Make sure you are ready for the in class essay on Friday. You need to have an outline for the essay by tomorrow, I would recommend laying out your body and conclusion paragraphs and writing a thesis. To start on your homework you need to go to
Smith’s teacher page, agenda, Wednesday and thesis work. That will bring you to a power point. Please copy and paste the thesis slide on to a google document then write your thesis statment. Later you will need to paste the other slides on to your document, so you can go ahead and do that now too if you want. The prompt is: What 3 things are Ray Bradbury and Kurt Vonnegut trying to warn society of in “The Pedestrian” , Fahrenheit 451 and “Harrison Beargon”? How have these warnings come true? If you have never had experience with an in class essay here are some things you need to know: use good vocab, keep on topic, and watch your time. In class we focused on the thesis and the intro paragraph.

The Introduction: Your first paragraph is usually the attention getter, but for an in class essay start with your thesis which includes: titles, authors, restatement and answered question, and a why. Look in your pieces to find an interesting start; what did you read that suprised you about a potential future society, what did you agree or disagree with? Try to connect those ideas to the thesis, but only choose one side. Ms. Smith explained that the authors are warning us of several things here are a few : Minorities, technology dominance, public ignorance, persuasive government, passive thinking, the balance of the government and people, power, propaganda, loss of knowledge, total equality, form of government, civil liberties and rights, conformity, loss of relationships, loss of family, lack of education, lack of questioning the system/ authority, loss of critical thinking. I would determine which ones I would use by taking the main ideas of each piece and seeing which ideas work the best with them. Pick 3 of these and make a thesis statment regarding them. Make sure to answer the question and include a why. The thesis is one sentence only, use a semi colon for the second question instead of a period. Another idea you can use to help build your thesis is to use the titles and authors of the pieces, then say what they were warning us of and why and that has/has not come true in our society today. Ex; Kurt Vonnegut and Ray Bradbury in “Harrison Beaurgon” , “The Pedestrian” and Fahrenheit 451 warn society of loosing critical thinking, vicious propaganda, and loss of relationships because of the government and societies that are created; this has come true in our society today because our society is loosing track of what matters.

We didn’t have time to go over other parts of an essay but if you want to look ahead I would check the in class essay outline ppt. Have a wonderful rest of your day and email me at if you have any questions or need help with anything!
Rachel Haysley


-Write Thesis by tomorrow

-SAT 5 exercises and study for quiz on Monday

-Work on banned book and video

Scribe Period 5 10-24-2012

Today in class we started off by sharing our brain projects with Smith. make sure you use her newer email (, then we took a part three quiz for Fahrenheit  451. Afterwards, we took the notes listed below:
start out by taking the slides from the agenda (connected to thesis) and paste it to a Google doc.
When writing the in class essay make sure that you address both parts of the question.
Make sure it is only one sentence, and explains 3 problems that are happening in the book and stories.
-Technological addictions
-violence in children
-Lack of literature
-loss of Morals
-Really controlling government
- narcissism (selfish society)
- Lack of knowledge, lack of learning
-apathetic society
-Shortened attention spans
- Lack of relationships
-Lack of religion
-Wars without reasons
-Negative influence of media
-Lack of individuality
-Extreme censorship
-Lack of motivation
-Lack of hard work
-Entitled Society
-Questioning the government
Pick three of the examples listed above.
In the thesis for the in class essay state the titles, authors, and answer the question and add a why. You can use a semicolon to join two complete sentences together (use appropriately). Make sure to take a side on whether or not the warnings have come true DON'T BE WISHY-WASHY!
-topic sentence connecting to thesis
-quotes from at least 2 of the texts.
-Explain what the quote says, connect to points,connect to thesis
-Transition to next example
Follow this format for all three paragraphs.
Create your thesis statement

-Emily Harden :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday 10/22 3rd Hour

Hello! Today in class we took quiz number two for Fahrenheit 451. After that we worked on our Brains assignment. Due to our lovely day off last Wednesday, the new due date is Wednesday the 24th.  We also discussed our in class essay that we will complete on Friday. This essay will be over "The Pedestrian" "Harrison Bergeron" and "Fahrenheit 451" Please bring an outline, and if you usually use your own technology during class, bring that. Have a great night!


Brain assignment- Due Wednesday the 24th

Read pg. 136-179 in Fahrenheit 451

Finish Banned book (don't forget to show Smith what you have, this is due in two weeks!)

SAT 7 quiz- Monday

Scribe Period Five 10/22

Hi everyone! Today in class we took our second quiz on section two, The Sieve and the Sand, in Fahrenheit 451, then worked on our Brains assignment with our groups for the rest of the period. The Brains assignment has been moved to Oct. 24th because of our day off last Wednesday.


  • Brains Assignment (Due on Wednesday!)
  • Read p.136-179 in Fahrenheit 451 (or finish if you have the newer version)
  • Finish banned book (Only two more weeks until the whole project is due!)

451 136-end Period 5

451 136- end Period 3

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Scribe Period 5 10-17-12


  • Brain Assignment- due 10-26-12
  • Read 136-179(end) in Fahrenheit 451- due on Monday
  • Finish your banned book

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Scribe Period 3 10/16

Today in class we spent the day discussing our reading in Fahrenheit 451. 
For more information see the PowerPoint here.


  • Read pages 136-179 in Fahrenheit 451 - Needs to be read and ready to discuss for discussion on Monday
  • Read Banned book
  • Work on Brains assignment

Scribe - October 16, 2012

Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday (though, it's technically Thursday, since tomorrow's our last day of school this week! :D)
Reminder: tomorrow is PSAT day, so classes start at 11:00 a.m., and classes will also be shorter, so school ends at the same time.
Today in English, Smith collected our Parent Teacher Conference letters, then we had a fishbowl discussion on pages 91 through 136 (older version) of Fahrenheit 451 for the rest of the period. Here's the blog page with the discussions on the outer circle.

  • Read pages 136 - 179 (older version) or pages 130 - the end if you have the newer version. This is for a fishbowl on Monday, so you have today, Wednesday, and a four day weekend to read these pages. 
  • READ YOUR BANNED BOOK!! Since you have all that time to read the assigned pages for Fahrenheit 451, there's sure to be time for you to finish that banned book.
  • Work on your Brains Assignment with your group. THIS IS DUE NEXT WEEK!!

That's all for today! Have fun sleeping in tomorrow! (unless you happen to be taking the PSAT or have to wake up early anyway.)

451 91-136 Period 5

451 91-136 Period 3

Monday, October 15, 2012

Scribe- 10/15/12 Per 5

Scribe-Max Hostetter

Today in class we presented our Wonder Woman songs. This took up almost all of the period and everybody's song was good.

Homework: Read pages 91-136 in Fahrenheit 451, read your banned book, and bring Parent Teacher Conference letter to school PRINTED OUT BEFORE CLASS!!!!!!! For more information see the PowerPoint here.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Jacob Goodman re do memoir

October 12th Scribe (period 3)

Friday, October 12th

Wonder Woman Songs:
-Copy of song lyrics to turn in to Smith (lyrics do NOT have to be memorized)
-Costumes, visual elements, and music need to be ready to go by the time class starts so we  don’t end up wasting time
-Performing on Monday!

-Brains assignment
-Banned Book Assignment
-Tuesday- Fishbowl on 91-136

*Tips for 451 quizes*
When preparing for quizzes on Farenheit 451:
-Details about main characters
-Points brought across by the author
-Significant events
-Important details

FISHBOWL on pages 68-91

Note: If you feel like you did a really good job on a memoir and the comments or short story annotations, share them with Smith because she needs examples to show that one does not have to learn just with a pen and paper.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Scribe 10-12-12 Period 5


  • song performances on Monday
  • Read BB
  • Read 91-136 in F451
The rest of Class:
  • Cold, quick fire drill to wake us up!
  • Fishbowl discussion about 68-91
    • Topics discussed:
      • Significance of religion in Montag's culture.
      • How far will Faber and Montag get as far as influencing society?
      • Will some kind of disaster cause people to insist on change?
      • The many parallels between Montag's society and our own in terms of the superficiality and how self-centered we are. 

451 69-91 Period 5

451 69-91 Period 3

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Scribe: Period 5- October 11, 2012

Today we have a new project: Dissecting brains!

We work collaboratively, and each person in a group gets a character. We have to divide the character’s brain into four separate regions based on what they think about or like. The project is due October 23.

Overview of the project:
Step 1:
Brainstorm what you think the different regions of this character's brain would be like.  In other words, what does the character like? Dislike?  Think about?  A minimum of four regions for each character.

Step 2:
Decide how much of the character's brain should be allotted to each section.  If a character likes or thinks about something a lot, this region should be large.

Step 3:
Color code each region of the brain and make a detailed label for each region.  Describe the region in your own words for each section.  Include one quote from the novel for each section that supports your decision.


  • Montag: Julia, Gabby, Monica, Faith
  • Clarisse: Emily W, Scott, Taylor, Lauren, Rebecca
  • Mildred: Nate, Kasi, Ethan
  • Beatty: Dom, David, Zach, Austin,
  • Clarisse’s Classmates: Emily AH, Ally
  • Firemen: Capri, Riley, Olivia
  • Faber: Max, Hunter, Haden
  • Mechanical Hound: No one
  • Mildred’s Friends: Erica, Lindsey, Emily H

  1. Work on Wonder Woman song
  2. Brains Assignment: set up Google Presentations/Docs
  3. Read page 69-91 in Fahrenheit 451 (Fishbowl tomorrow!)
  4. Read banned book

Happy 10-11-12! Don't forget to make a wish tonight at 10:11:12 (if you're still up!)

Scribe- Period 3- 10/11/12

New Project:

  • Work Collaboratively
  • Each person in group gets a character(Clarisse, Guy, Mildred, Beatty, Children, Wives)
  • You will do a diagram of the brains of four different characters
  • Due October 23
  1. Step One
Brainstorm what you think the different regions of this character's brain would be like.  In other words, what does the character like? Dislike?  Think about?  A minimum of four regions for each character.

      2. Step Two
Decide how much of the character's brain should be allotted to each section.  If a character likes or thinks about something a lot, this region should be large.

      3. Step Three
Color code each region of the brain and make a detailed label for each region.  Describe the region in your own words for each section.  Include one quote from the novel for each section that supports you decision.

Character Groups
  • Montag- Maddison, Lena
  • Clarisse-Sarah, Elise, Allie
  • Mildred- Nicole, Leah, Mollie
  • Beatty- Grace, Aly, Haleigh
  • Clarrise's Classmate's- Casey, Aspen, Rachel
  • Old Lady- Tony, Jacob, Goldy
  • Firemen- Erina, Sophie
  • Mechanical Hound- Alex, Alexandra
  • Faber- Tyler, Ian, Dean
  • Mildred's Friends- Ethan, David, Bennett
New Seating Chart


  1. Work on song
  2. Brains Assignment: set-up Google Presentations/Google Doc
  3. Read page 69-91 in Fahrenheit 451
  4. Read Banned Book

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Scribe-Period 3-10/10/12

E9H Week 8- Wednesday
Fishbowl Day!!! (If you would like to view what was discussed, click on link!)


  1. Make sure you use all 15 words in song
  2. Do not just do a quick rap and say all the words
  3. Be creative!! You can add video if you would like!
  4. You may use instruments if you would like

Here's some helpful tips about wonder woman's abilities:

  • Superhuman strength, speed, agility, and endurance
  • Flight
  • Superior hand-to-hand combat
  • Empathy
  • Healing Factor
  • Resistance to magic
  • Access to Magical Weapons like the Lasso of Truth and her Indestructible Bracelets 


  • Read Banned Book
  • Read pages 68-91 in Fahrenheit 451
  • Song Lyrics- Strongly recommended that you have lyrics done by tomorrow!!

451 41-68 Period 5

451 41-68 Period 3

Friday, October 5, 2012

October 5th scribe David Merkel Per 3

Today in class, we took the SAT 5 test. The test was based off of parts of speech, definition, words, and synonyms. We also turned in the SAT exercises. For the rest of the period we had free work time to do our homework.

Our Homework includes:

Reading 451 from page 1-40. You do not have to annotate, but it is  "highly recommended." If you do  not have your own copy, make sure to check one out when you get back.

If you have not turned in your banned book letter turn it in on Monday. Under Ms. Smith Web page look for the form.

Our banned book project is due on November the 6th, so it is recommended that you start reading your banned book this weekend.

Based on multiple requests for an extension, PLN 3 is now due on Monday. The video is "The Machine is us/ing us."

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Scribe for 10/4/12 Per 5

Scribe-Max Hostetter


Study for SAT Lesson Five Test tomorrow
PLN 3 for video The Machine is Us/ing Us-POST TO OWN BLOG!!!!!!
Pick a book for Banned Book project and get Banned Book Letter signed by parents, due Monday.
These titles are taken

Catcher in the Rye
Water for Elephants
Brave New World
Gone with the Wind
Catch 22
Go Ask Alice
The Chocolate War
The Satanic Verses
Not Without My Daughter
Give a Boy a Gun
Animal Farm
Blood and Chocolate
Slaughterhouse Five
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Perks of Being a Wallflower
The Pact
The Giver
The Sun Also Rises
Don Quixote

Remember to find proof that your book was banned.

In Class

We went over what we need to know for the SAT test tomorrow-word, part of speech, definition, and synonyms.
We took texting polls for two questions- Is watching TV bad and Censorship is never justified.
 The class agreed almost-unanimously that watching TV isn't inherently bad, but it can be. The class was pretty evenly split about censorship-52% said censorship is justified and the other 48%  said censorship isn't justified.

We also reviewed another discussion technique similar to the aquarium, called the fishbowl. This technique has an inner square of discussion. while the outer square observes and blogs about what the inner square is talking about.
The class signed up for presenters and discussers- the two types of people in the inner square of a fishbowl. Presenters ask questions and discussers discuss(there's a shocker) what they think about the question. Discussers can also ask questions and presenters can join into the discussion, however they must stay true to their original job.

Also, we will start reading Fahrenheit 451 tomorrow in class so either bring your own copy or borrow one from Smith.

For any additional info, either email Smith or go to the class page here.

Have a goodnight, sleep tight, and don't let those pesky bedbugs bite (Seriously though, if you have a bedbug problem you might want to call an exterminator).


Period 3 Scribe-Oct. 4

Scribe Period 3, October 4
Mollie Gardner-Scribe


~Banned Book Letter
~SAT Quiz tomorrow: Words, part of speech, definition, and synonyms
~SAT 5 Exercises (Don't do the writing part)
~PLN 3(Summary and Response) Due tomorrow: Machine is Us/ing Us -post on your OWN blog
~If you want your own copy of Fahrenheit 451, bring it to class tomorrow

These are the books that are already taken:
My Sister’s Keeper
DaVinchi Code
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Friday Night Lights
Perks of Being a Wallflower
Catcher in The Rye
The Shining
The Sun Also Rises
Adventures of Huck Finn
Slaughterhouse 5
Of Mice and Men
The Lovely Bones
Brave New World
Water for Elephants
Animal Farm
The Color Purple
The Handmaid's Tale
Catch 22
Kite Runner
In Cold Blood

In class:

~Sign up once to present or discuss Fishbowl style (3 roles- Presenters in the inner circle ask questions and keep the conversation moving along, Discussers in the inner circle talk discuss, Everyone on the outer circle of the "fishbowl" is discussing the topic on the class blog but texting language is unacceptable)
~Took a cellphone poll: "Is watching TV bad?", and "Censorship is never justified"
~Fishbowl discussion about "Harrison Bergeron" and "The Pedestrian"

Harrison Bergeron:

  • What is good to make everyone equal?
  • Do you think the gov. was also handicapped- was it a communistic gov.?
  • How is the gov. controlling the people here?
  • Is this a utopia: perfect society, or a distopia: non dis-functional perfection?

Pedestrian and Harrison Bergeron Period 5

Pedestrian and Harrison Bergeron Period 3

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Scribe October 3, 2012 3rd period

Scribe October 3, 2012
Steven Goldy
Banned books that are taken

My Sister’s Keeper
DaVinchi Code
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Friday Night Lights
Perks of Being a Wallflower
Catcher in The Rye
The Shining
The Sun Also Rises
Adventures of Huck Finn
Slaughterhouse 5
Of Mice and Men
The Lovely Bones
Brave New World

Read and annotate the two short stories (links on website)
PLN 3 on “The Machine is Us/ing Us”
You need a paper stating what banned book you are using and it needs to be signed by a parent
If you want to use a personal copy get one by friday


For more information on homework see the daily agenda and links on Smith’s website.

October 3, 2012, Period 5 Scribe

                                                                October 3, 2012

Tonight we will be reading two short stories (found under the 451 category on Mrs. Smith's teacher page) and will be discussing them tomorrow in class. However, the assistant principal will be joining and watching us tomorrow, so be prepared to show your participation and knowledge of the short stories.To add a twist to the game, we will not be doing the discussion aquarium style but a new way of discussion!
The short stories must be annotated and you must have 3 questions total--not per story. It is highly suggested that you do background research on the authors of the stories as this tells you the personal and historical history of their time when writing the stories.

PLN 3: Due Friday. Remember to connect to yourself, the world and education in response. No personal words in the summary!

Banned Books: On The American Library Association webpage, click on frequently challenged books on the left hand side and you can view the most challenged books for further assistance in book-picking.  

Are you getting a copy of 451? It is highly recommended that you do, but if not Mrs. Smith has copies in the classroom.

For the banned book project, these are the books already taken:
·         Catcher in the Rye
·         Water for Elephants
·         Brave New World
·         Gone with the Wind
·         Catch 22
·         Go Ask Alice
·         The Chocolate War
·         Crank
·         The Satanic Verses
·         Not Without My Daughter
·         Give a Boy a Gun
·         Animal Farm
·         Blood and Chocolate
·         Slaughterhouse Five
·         One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
·         Perks of Being a Wallflower
·         The Pact

Then, the class reviewed our SAT Lesson 5 Exercises for this week. Remember: Test over the words, part of speech, definition and SYNONYMS on Friday. The exercises are due then as well.
Exercise 3: Number 2: Petrified
Exercise 3: Number 3: When you are standing under something, like cheerleaders do, they are supporting what is above and maintaining the stability of above object.
Exercise 3: Number 4: Petroleum
Exercise 3: Number 5: Acid, lipid, horrid, lid, rid, kid, slid, rid, etc.
Exercise 5: Number 1: D is incorrect. The correct word for here is “was”. Yes, you must do exercise 5 this week, but not the writing portion of this exercise.

     After discussing the difference between rock and stone (because, as we now know, Geology rocks!), we took out our cell phones to do polls of the class. Texting 37607 a code for yes (for example: 644351) and no (for example: 644352), we had variations in ways that we answered the questions. For the first one that stated,“History books are accurate,” 24 percent of the class agreed and 76 percent disagreed to this statement. Those who agreed said that without the history books how would we know history? Why would someone lie about the facts of the past? Those who said no, argued that more information has been found out since then  and history books only give one side of a story—sort of like opinions  For example, in America we are taught that the Americans were innocent and England was a sick tyrant. Yet, in England it is probably viewed as the other way around. Who do you agree with?

     For the next topic of “TV news is accurate” the whole class agreed that TV news is not accurate. Some news stations, like FOX News, are biased when it comes to candidates in the upcoming election, etc. Also breaking news is not always 100 percent true. Later on news stations usually find out that the information they received has changed and is no longer the same. How do you feel? Is the news accurate?

     The last topic was if mass media (newspapers, magazines, public opinion, social networking sites) are accurate. 38 percent said no and 63 percent said yes. Those who agreed said that a mass media site is only bad if it is not a good source. One should read all topics from all view points that mass media has to offer so they know all sides of a situation. Those who disagreed said----

And then the bell rang, as it is a lovely late start day.  Have a wonderful night and see you tomorrow! Don’t forget to do your homework! J

Banned book and letter due Monday. First come, first serve basis!
SAT words and test are Friday.
PLN 3 due Friday
Copy of 451
2 short stories (Harrison Bergeron and Pedestrian), questions, background information and annotations due tomorrow for discussion.

Erica Martinez memoir

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

David Merkel Scribe 1 10/2/2012

In third period, 9th grade honors with Smith, we covered a lot of new material. Several new projects have been assigned, and Ms. described them with a lot of detail. Mainly, we will be working on Fahrenheit 451, a project over a banned book that you have read, and PLN 3.

1. By monday, you need a signed letter by your parents giving permission for you to read a banned book. This book can be of any choice, if it has been banned or challenged in the recent history. No one can read the same book as anyone else, so whoever turns in the permission form first gets permission to read the book.

If you want to know what kind of books are challenged or banned go to The American Library Association: Banned books.


A big project over the book you choose is due in a month. Create a movie trailer about your book using short snippets.

Book Fair Book Presentation
Banned Book Letter due______           Banned Book Proposal due ___
Banned Book presentation due ______________
After the completion of your outside reading book, you are to complete the following steps:

1.     Create a movie trailer synopsis of the book.  Make sure to include a strong attention getter to begin your presentation.  This would include the title, author, and main idea of the book.  Explain what the book is about but do so in your own words.  End with a strong concluding statement that leaves your audience with a final impression but be careful not to give away the ending. Upload final video to YouTube and send link to teacher.  *Video should be no more than 1 minute(25 points)
a.     Story board idea: create storyboard of movie trailer indicating with images and text what will be created in movie trailer (10 points)

2.     Research why your particular book is/was challenged or banned and where this challenge or ban occurred.  Create a movie trailer synopsis of your research including proper documentation of your sources both in text and a works cited.  Upload video on YouTube and turn in link to teacher. Also, turn in printed research and works cited on banning/challenging of books *when done in combination with synopsis, total video should be no more than 2 minutes (20 points total- 10 movie trailer/paragraph, 10 works cited with printed research)

3.     Take a stance on either side of the challenging or banned issue regarding your book.  Answer in a paragraph format or short video with a strong topic sentence/attention getter, do you agree or disagree that the book should be challenged or banned?  If so, why?  If not, why not? Need strong examples as support. End with a concluding sentence or thought. )* when done as a video, should be no more than 1 minute. (25 points)

4.     Creativity: there are many options here. Movie trailer or desk space. Make sure entire presentation enhances your presentation of your outside reading book.  Make sure it augments the presentation and adds to the ambience of the fair.  Think about what additional resources you could provide to take your presentation to the next level.  Dazzle your audience!  (20 points)

            Begins with clear topic sentence/ attention getter                                              
            Provides adequate information of the plot
            Strong concluding statement                                                                      _____ / 25
Storyboard idea                                                                                             _____/ 10
                        Includes documentation of source material
            Research printed and turned in
            Works Cited: follows MLA format                                                 _____ / 20
Agree or Disagree:
            Begins with a clear topic sentence
            Provides strong argument for one side
            Ends with a clear concluding statement                                        _____ / 25

            Desk decorated to enhance overall presentation
            Video captures audiences attention: garners desired response
            Above and beyond the expectations of the assignment                            _____ / 20

TOTAL            _____ / 100


Mention/present your product and share its information/benefits in the best creative way to garner the desired response.

What Makes a Movie Trailer? (think of a movie trailer as a tease)

(Mention Product) The name of the movie (book)- this often appears at the end of the trailer. 

(Info/Benefits)  Plot points or cool prestige elements such as the director’s or actors’ names. Be careful not to give away whole story.

(Creative) Exciting editing, clever copy, memorable scenes or dialogue, compelling music. Most important to storyboard out idea.  Think about using catch phrases (powerful quotes), use imagery (taste, touch, see, hear, smell), LESS IS MORE

(Desired Response) TICKET SALES! Money? Get people to read your book?

Examples of movie trailers to watch:

Keep in mind your target audience

How Does That Work With a Book Instead of a Movie?

Add the words “How do I” to the beginning of the Golden Rule.  

Example:  Green Eggs and Ham

Also look at actual movie trailers to come up with ideas.

Banned- Strictly prohibited from being taught or being found in a school library
Challenged- Strongly not recommended to be taught, but can be found in a school library.

2. PLN 3
 The video that we will be responding to is ''Machine's using us". The video was created by Doctor Michael Wesch a Kansas State professor of anthropology. In your PLN you can either simply react to the video, or react upon his persuasion techniques regarding Pathos, Ethos, Logos.
The video link:

After watching think about the title and what it means: Us/ing us.

3.  Fahrenheit 451: You can either use Ms. Smith's copies or use your own. Have a physical copy by friday October the fifth.