Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Period 3 Scribe March 6, 2013

Today we started off with DOL. Because of the poetry day yesterday, and no school on Friday, we had to do the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday part of the purple packet in class. Sentence number one introduced infinitive phrases, as well as objects of the infinitives to go along. 

Sentence 1

Sentence 2

DOL Week 9 Quiz tomorrow!

After grammar we got into groups of no more than five to work on the Act 2 Prologue Performance. Each group had to memorize the prologue and have it ready to present by tomorrow.  The instructions are found on the gold handout passed out on Monday. To present the prologue, each group has to either act it out or put the speaking to a rhythm. Some examples were drill-team march, chant, rap, or lullaby. 

Make sure you are reviewing the CSAP tips for testing next week. 

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