Thursday, March 7, 2013

Period 3: Scribe 3/7/13

Hey Class!!! 

Homework: NONE!!! :) Enjoy your 3 day weekend!

  • In order to do well on TCAP testing,  review previous CSAP packets
  • TCAP will begin Monday; make sure you know which room you're in (list posted in the cafeteria)

Today in Class:
  • Grammar:
    • Collected DOL 17 Practice Sentences
    • Took DOL 18 quiz
  • Romeo and Juliet:
    • Performed Act 2 prologue skits: Each group presented their version of the memorized prologue using rhythm, drama, singing, dancing, and props 
    • Read Act 2- Scene 2 and some of Scene 3.                 
    • Received Act 1 graded quizzes

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