Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Zach Hall Scribe 3/5/13 Period 5

Tuesday March 5, 2013
Period 5

Today in class we began by going over CSAP/TCAP tips. We went over how to answer an extended response question and the proper format to do so.

Extended Writing-5 paragraph essay format/content
Intro- Attention getter, explanation of attention getter, background information, thesis which includes reasons and why- 3 points which will become the main points of the three body paragraphs. Each body paragraph should be formatted the same way. Each body paragraph should begin with a topic sentence then 2 or 3 points with an explanation, a connecting sentence to the topic sentence and a concluding sentence. All three body paragraphs should be formatted like this. In the conclusion the format is to restate the thesis, review the points made, and have a concluding sentence that connects to the attention getter.

Keep in mind that punctuation, grammar, and spelling are all graded. Also, try not to use personal words in the writing. Make sure to proofread.

Next we went over grammar. In the first sentence, We wanted to play soccer, however our friends wanted to listen to music, we labeled We and friends as subjects, wanted as the verb, and the infinitive phrases were, to play soccer, and to listen to music. In addition to those, soccer was labeled an object of the infinitive, and music was labeled an object of the preposition. In the second sentence, Both Moritz and Smith learned the student's names, Moritz and Smith were labeled proper nouns and learned was labeled the verb.

After that we were given an assignment to Perform the prologue of Act 2 in groups of up to 5, this performance will take place on Thursday. We are to memorize our lines and act or somehow portray the message of the prologue to the audience. Tomorrow we will have work time for this project.

The last thing we did in class today was to listen to a former student named Kyle perform a variety of poetry for our class.

Our homework is the DOL, CSAP tips, and the prologue performance. For more information click on the link to our class calendar. Here is a link to our class calendar

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