Friday, November 30, 2012

Scribe November 29th, 2012 Period 5

Hey guys! (Sorry this is late, I thought I posted it last night but apparently it didn't show up! :( )


  • scribe
  • Western Civ teachers come in this week. Talk about what is going on in the world during these years. What was Orwell seeing that he wanted to warn society about? Cold war, Post WWII, Stalin/Marx, Iron Curtain
    • Mr. Morahan-3
    • Ms. Crosby-5
  • Read 1984 (1-69) 

Today in class, Ms. Crosby came in and spoke to us about George Orwell and what was going on in the world during his lifetime that influenced his writing. She talked to us about World War II, The Great Depression, and different governmental systems. She drew a scale that showed: Communism, Socialism, Capitalism, Fascism, and Nazism. Communism being where everyone is equal (and is impossible unless multiple countries are involved) and Nazism being where no one is equal. We talked about who falls in which category and people's opinions on them. We also talked about the U.S. government and what we want from them and if we trust them or not.


  • Read pages 1-69 in 1984 by Monday!
  • Political cartoons- Now vs. Then. Have them printed out in color by class tomorrow! Don't make them too small. No printing out during class!
  • Loggel. Make sure you're keeping up with it if you still have stuff to do! 
    • loggel account:
    • username: smith52012
      password: smith5
  • We will be presenting the Loggel on Wednesday of next week! REMEMBER- The Loggel is not a timeline of Orwell's life events. It is events in the world that influenced his writing! We should also have some things describing the things that happened before he was born that could've influenced him! 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Scribe 11/29/12 (P3)


- Mr. Morahan spoke about what was going on at the time that 1984 was written and what was Orwell seeing that he wanted to warn society about? (Cold War, Post WWII, Stalin/Mar, Iron Curtain).


- Read 1984 pg. 1-69 (or stop right before chapter seven if you are using a nook, kindle, etc.)
- Political Cartoons printed out tomorrow. No printing out during class.
- Loggel presentation on Wednesday of next week.

- Username: smith3
- Password: smith3
- Loggel class Google Doc link:

Notes on Mr. Morahan’s Discussion:

The Great Depression:
- Not just in America.
- Government went from small to large.
- Germany had just come out of WWII, Hitler tells people that if he received more power than he could change the country’s current situation.
- Russia had a Dictatorship and became communist.

- Capitalism: (USA) Free Market -> Competition -> Motivates Individuals (Consumers)
- Government: Democracy
- Communism:
- Everything Decided by government. Idea of community.
- Ex: If one person owns a shop than everybody owns that shop. Equality in wealth.
- Invented by Karl Marx.
- Government: Dictatorship.
- 0 government = Anarchy and 100% government = Dictatorship

Connection to Orwell:
-Orwell is warning do we know what we are doing? Is there too much government?
- Where does our freedom end and our slavery begin?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Scribe Period 3, Wednesday November 28, 2012

Hello class,

Today we started out as usual with announcements and our homework for the week/night.
-Due Friday: political cartoon
     -One from the time period of Orwell 25 June 1903 – 21 January 1950
     - One from present day 
     - if found in color leave it in color
     - needs to be printed off
     - needs to be big enough to read easily
- Loggel
     - Due wednesday (PLC DAY)
     - In different groups 
          - Early Life: Thursday night
          - Middle Life: Friday night
          - Adult Life: Saturday night
          - World Info: Sunday 
     - Make sure you make connections to his writing 
     - Will have limited time to work on it friday
- Guest Speaker (MR. MORAHAN) tomorrow 
     - Talking about the time period when Orwell was alive and what the society and things in society were like. 

 Then we were shown a slide show about propaganda tying into the cartoons that we have to find. We discussed what the slides showed or were trying to show. Our discussion for each is below. 

     First slide
          - NAVY advertisement
          - Man uniform
          - ONly men could join because it says "I wish I were a man"
          - Telling the men to come because if women can then women can
          - Women admire men who join the army
          - Red white and blue
          - Guy looking/ manly
          - Confident and happy
          - "Be a man and do it"

     Second slide
          - Eyes looking at you intimidating 
          - Dark skinned/dirty looking
          - All CAPS yelling at you
          - Gun sticking out of the poster
          - Position of the gun
          - Hand black because of gun shot powder
          - If you have patriotism don't ask questions
          - He is fighting for you because he is filthy and working hard
          - red white and blue

     Third slide
          - Lend a hand
          - To much weight on the NAVY 
          - red white and blue 
          - Hands and face almost glow
          - "YOUR" NAVY
          - No fire from the enemy
          - Big bad NAVY
          - NAVY dedicated to help our country 
          - Generic faces

We checked in and out books and got out TIB essay grades handed back and they are in the grade book. Then we had time to work on the following 
     - Loggel
     - Reading 
     - Checking in an out books
     - Got our TIB grades handed back
     - Look for political cartoons

Then we finished up with the last ten minutes discussing our Loggel project. We got into the details of putting it together and that we had to connect our research to the way Orwell wrote his book. PICTURES ARE MANDATORY!!!!! If you have any questions if you would like to help email anyone in our class and they will help you. 

Have a great rest of the day!

Scribe 11-28-12 period 5

Happy Wednesday everyone!

We started of class today with a few reminders:

  • If you still need a copy of 1984, you can check one out in class
  • Make sure your This I Believe post is public or you will receive a zero
  • If you haven't turned in your permission letter it is late!
If you have any other questions you can check the daily agenda

Next, we turned to the board to look at and discuss some political cartoons. These are the types of illustrations we will need for Fridays class. We will be discussing each of our cartoons that day!

We also discussed this picture in class: Hope

If anyone would like to begin planning ahead for finals, you can check out the class calendar for the remainder of the year. 

  • Make sure you are working on the class Loggel project - Due Wednesday December 5th
    • Username: Smith52012
    • Password: Smith5
  • Read pages 1-69 in 1984 - Due Monday December 3rd
    • For those of you with different versions, that is up to book 7
  • Political cartoons - Due Friday November 30th
    • You must have one from George Orwell's time period (1903-1950)
    • You must also have one from current times
    • These must be printed in color!
Have a good rest of the week everybody, only 17 more school days until christmas break!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Scribe Period 3, Tuesday November 27, 2012

Hello Class,

Today we started off with Mrs. Smith explaining the homework to us.
- Loggel
     - Username: smith3
       Password: smith3
- Find political cartoons
     - one from any time during George Orwell's lifespan (1903-1950)
     - one from the present day (2000-2012)
     - needs to be printed off, in a size large enough that it is easily readable
     - if you find it in color print it off in color, it is okay if you find it in black and white
- Read pages 1-69 of 1984 by Monday
     - be ready for discussion
- Permission Letter
     - if you have not turned in it yet, you need to or you may not read the books!
- Make This I Believe essay and podcast public!!
     -Mrs. Smith has only graded a few!
     - Elise- access, podcast
     - Dean- access, podcast
     - Tony- access, podcast
     - Aspen- access, podcast
     - Steven- access, podcast
     - Rachel- upload
     - Ian- access
     - Erina- access

Mrs. Smith then put sign up sheets up and we signed up for fishbowls as well as turned in SAT, and ITW books that had not yet been turned in. We also picked up a copy of 1984 if you do not have your own copy, so try to get one as soon as possible because we will be starting it soon. Below you will find the list of names and when they are signed up for fishbowls for our upcoming book 1984.

1984                                = need to be filled 

1-69                 69-117                 117-167             167-224           225-298
12/3/12            12/6/12                12/11/12             12/13/12          1/9/13

Presenter:         Presenter:            Presenter:            Presenter:        Presenter:
1-Tyler S.        1- Sarah S.          1- Casey M.        1- Aspen G.     1-Tony
2- Bennet        2- Lena C.           2- Jake B.            2- Sophie Y.    2-Mollie G.
3- Ethan S.      3- Allie B.           3- Erina R.          3- David M.     3- Ian P.
4- David H.     4- Giovanna V.   4- Rachel H.       4-                     4- Alexandra L.
5-Alex J.         5- Aly. D             5- Maddison N.  5- Jacob G.      5-                    
6- Leah T.       6- Haleigh S.       6- Dean B.          6-Steven G.     6-                   
7- Zach U.       7- Elise A.           7-Grace E.          7- Nicole B.    7-                     

Discusser:        Discusser:           Discusser:           Discusser:        Discusser:
1- Lena C.       1- Tyler S.          1-Aspen              1- Casey M.     1- Zach U.
2- Sarah S.       2-Bennet            2- David M.        2-Tony             2-Nicole B.
3-Allie B.         3- Jake B.           3-Leah T.            3- Erina R.      3-               
4- Giovanna     4-Ethan S.          4-Mollie G.         4- Rachel H.    4-                
5- Aly D.         5- David H.       5-Alexandra L.    5- Maddison     5-                
6- Haleigh S.    6- Sophie Y.      6-Jacob G.           6-Dean B.       6-                
7- Elise A.       7- Alex J.           7- Steven G.        7-Grace E.        7-                  

Then for the rest of the class period we worked on the Loggel which is a class grade if you forgot, so DO YOUR WORK!!! I can't stress that enough so many people will be mad at you if you do not hold up your end of the deal! We were informed by some of the leaders in our class that we will have needed to finish the research today so that we can begin to construct our Loggel. We are split up into four sections early life, middle/young adult, adult, and what is happening around the world. You should have a google doc shared with you that has your assigned position and all the research on it. You can help at any point, the username and password for our classes account is on the top of the page! 

The schedule for next semester is up and don't worry if it is not on one page!

Have a great rest of the day! 

Scribe Nov. 27, 2012 Period 5

    Today in class we had a work day on our Loggel presentations. During class we signed up for new fishbowl presenters and discussers for 1984 by George Orwell. Mrs. Smith also reminded us to check the This I Believe website to make sure that our podcast and essay were public. If you haven't done this yet, be sure to! To do so, open your google doc, click share, then change the settings to public. Also, check and see that when you click on your name or the podcast that it opens up in another window. If not, edit the page and when you edit the hyperlink, there is a button the bottom that you can check. 
    Our homework for tonight: 
      1. Find 2 political cartoons
          -One from Orwell's time period 
          -One from modern day 
          -Make sure to print it out and in color if necessary! 
      2. Read pages 1-69 of 1984 by Monday for our first fishbowl
      3. Loggel projects
If you would like checking the weekly schedules in advance, Mrs. Smith has made the calendar starting today all the way up till the end of May. 
Have a good day! 

Scribe 11/27/12 Per5

     Today was a class work day for the Loggel project. Throughout class, we signed up for fishbowl discussions for 1984 (once as a presenter and once as a discusser). We also checked the This I Believe Website to make sure that our Google docs and podcasts were public (click on the share button and check "public on the web". Also make sure to check "open in new window" when you link it on the website). If you have any book still checked out, check them in as soon as possible. Also get a copy of 1984, as we will start reading soon.
     Our homework is to find two political cartoons/editorials. One has to be from modern day and the other from any time during George Orwell's lifespan (1903-1950). Make sure to print both of these, and if they are in color, they must be printed in color. Bring to class Friday. Also, we will be having a fishbowl for pages 1-69 in 1984 on Monday, so be sure to have read that over the weekend. Keep working on the Loggel project (due Wednesday). Remember- this is a timeline of events happening during his lifespan that could have influenced his writing. This includes world events as well as things happening in his personal life. Do a good job- the entire class gets the same grade.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Scribe 11/26/12 Bennet D.

Hello class- Today was a very busy day in class. After we listened to the morning announcements, we were given a new seating chart. Then treats were handed out to Aly and Lindsay for their movie trailers on their banned books. Once we were all settled into our new seats, we discussed the agenda for today.this is what the powerpoint said: scribe treats for Aly and Lindsay new seating chart Begin 1984 author information Background information, what was going on at the time in the world Introduce Loggel-play with loggel Homework: Loggel We all need to have a copy of the book “1984” for class. Next, we began discussing our next major project. This project is on loggel about the author of “1984” George Orwell. This project will be done by the class as a whole. Mrs. smith then gave us the command and we began to work on the project. We need to make a timeline of George Orwell’s life and what was happening during his short life. we broke up into four different groups. Here is how the groups are divided. Group 1: Outer Circle Left World- what is going on in the world at a time Group 2: Center Left- Late Life 30 to death 1934-1950 Group 3: Outer Circle Right- Early life, 0-15 1903- 1918 Group 4: Center Right Middle Life: 1918-1934 Here is some info about our loggel account. The username for loggel is: smith3 The password for loggel is: smith3 Tony Deplato and Alexandra Larsen are the creators of the account. David Merkel created a google doc for the class containing the people in the groups. Here is the link: then we just worked in our groups through the end of the period.

Scribe November 26th, 2012 Period 5

Hey guys,

Here's what we did in class today-

1) New seating chart! If you missed class make sure you find out where you sit :)
2) Introduced Loggel! Mrs. Smith went over the details of our class project. We will all work on the same project together and we will all have the same grade. We researched background information on George Orwell and the events that were going on during his life that influenced his writing.
3) Next we got into a circle and discussed the plan for the project. We split the timeline into categories and got into groups. If you were absent, ask a friend if you can join their group. We researched events that happened during the time period that we were assigned. Try to have your research done by tomorrow!

We all have access to the loggel account:

username: smith52012

password: smith5

HOMEWORK: Loggel! Either try to get familiar with loggel or finish your research for your time period! Remember, it's not a timeline of his life- but of the events that happened that could have influenced his writing!

Have a good evening :)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Scribe November 16, 2012 Period 3

1) Handed in SAT 10 exercises and took SAT 10 quiz- hope you studied!
2) Checked to make sure TIB Essay was turned in on the site here.
3) Collected any extra permission slips- if you have not turned yours in, make sure to first thing Monday November 26, 2012.
4) Took Inherit the Wind Act 3 quiz with small groups- hope you read!
5)Turned in SAT book (no more SAT quizzes) and Inherit the Wind book.
6) Have a great Thanksgiving Break!!

Homework: Copy of 1984 and/or Little Brother (optional)
                    Have a great break!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Period 5 Scribe 11/15/12

Hey class,

Today in class we read Act 3 of Inherit the Wind, or finished it up rather. We read from page 109 to the end in class and had a small discussion about it afterwards. Also, we took the reading quiz for the entire act.


  1. Finish and post TIB to the Google Site, linking your TIB essay to your name and your TIB podcast to the word "podcast" which you have to add in yourself
  2. Click the pencil at the top to edit the document, to add "-podcast" after your name, or just "podcast" and to link your TIB work
  3. DON'T EDIT THE PAGE IF SOMEONE ELSE IS EDITING IT AT THE SAME TIME! One of you will have to erase your work, and you will have to start all over again linking your TIB work
  4. Have Parent Permission Letter signed by you and a parent by tomorrow
  5. Finish SAT 10 Vocabulary exercises and study for the quiz

Have a great day!

11/15/12 Scribe

Hey Class, Scribe Today 11/15/12, we started Language Arts by listening to the morning announcements. As the announcements ended, Mrs. Smith Collected the permission letters handed out to us yesterday. After Thanksgiving break, we will begin reading Little Brother. Here is a link for a website where you can have a free download of Little Brothers. After we disgust the permission slip, we took a quiz on Act 2 Scene 2 with three to four partners. The extra credit question given by Mrs. Smith was what was Emma’s part in her play this evening? Once done with the quiz, we turned it in. Mrs. Smith directed us to set up the room for the courtroom for the reading of Act 3 Scene 3. She asked for volunteers to take the parts required to read this part of Inherit The Wind. Then we read the book until about 10:20 when the class began to discuss the book and what the point of it was. Mrs. Smith brought up the point of how did this book become a motivator for social change. David Merkel found a way to have a successful uploading of the podcast to the turn in site. Here are the steps: Record your essay through audacity Once you have finished recording, export as a wav to the desktop Go to google doc Press the button next to the create button to upload your wav Make your essay and your recording public to the web Go to the turn in site and click edit write “podcast” behind your name Hyperlink the essay to your name and the recording to the word “podcast” Then you are done! The Homework: Make Changes to This I Believe Essay, Record In Audacity, submit recording and essay by TOMORROW permission letter SAT Quiz Tomorrow Sat Exercises 10 due tomorrow

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Scribe 11/14/12


Happy late start! Hope you all got some extra sleep. Today in class we got permission letters for books we will be reading next semester. This needs to be in by Friday! We finished up Act Two of Inherit the Wind, and than discussed it after.

Homework :
Make changes for you TIB essay
Record and post TIB essay here

Have a happy Wednesday

On a personal note I would love for you guys to check out this campaign regarding Type 1 Diabetes celebrating World Diabetes Day and Diabetes Awareness Month.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Period 5 11-12-12 Scribe

November 12, 2012!
Hello Everyone!!! :)

This is period five English 9 Honors with Smith. The students were rather animated for a Monday. Possibly because the Thanksgiving Break is quickly approaching.

Firstly, we have SAT 10 exercises this week. It starts on page 113.
Also, we are currently working on our This I Believe projects. We should already have our essay written, using the guidelines from the This I Believe Website. We will be recording this essay and linking them to the Google Site that Smith has set up (you should be able to access this site with your google account; if not, see Smith soon). It must be posted by Friday.

But how do I link my recording onto the site, you may ask. Good question.
First, practice your essay many times so you are comfortable saying it out loud. Make corrections. Write in where you need to pause, if that helps. Secondly, record yourself reading the essay on Audacity (which is the little guy with headphones-should be on most computers under "start"; this will be different if you have a mac). Save your recording as follows: firstname,lastinitial (for instance, mine will be called SarahM). Thirdly, save your recording as an MP 3 file. It must be MP 3  Do not skip this step, people! Fourth, link both the paper and the recording onto the google site that Smith created for this project. Remember to put it under your name and to save it under Period 5. [To link your paper/recording, first edit the site and add a link to your name. Open up your recording and your paper, grab the link and put that link in the Google site. Put the link under "web address". Make sure to click the "open in a new window" box.]

FWI, Smith will not be answering e-mails on Thursday night! She'll be watching Emma be Tinker Bell. So, if you're planning to procrastinate, then you won't have Smith's help.

Anyway, after talking about that in class, we acted/read more of Inherit the Wind. We finished Act Two Scene One and started Act Two Scene Two. If you, for any weird reason, will be unable to attend class tomorrow, finish reading these two sections.


  •  SAT 10: every section except for the writing; you must know the word, part of speech, definition, and the synonym.
  • TIB (This I Believe) essay and recording are to be linked onto the Google Site by Friday
Our focus for this week will be completely This I Believe, and Inherit the Wind. Thank you for reading this post of mine. Have a good day you guys! 
Here's a link to today's slide show: click here

This has been brought to you by Sarah, who also happens to play Drummond in Inherit the Wind. :) 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Block 5 Scribe 11-9-12

Today Mrs. Smith was at a district meeting, so Mr. Rosenburg was our sub. 

 In class:

  • we turned in our SAT Lesson 9 exercises
  • then we took SAT 9 quiz with a partner (crossword)
  • The rest of the period was used to work on our TIB essay
TIB essay is due on Monday (in a google docs), Your essay needs to include

  • it needs to be personal
  • it needs to be short (350-500 words)
  • it needs to be positive
  • it needs to include a story
  • and of course you need to have a statement of belief

Scribe for Friday, November 9, 2012 Period 3

Scribe for 11-9-12 period 3

Mr. Rosenberg was our sub!

Collected Lesson 9 excersises
SAT lesson 9 word search quiz
We got to work with partners too!!!

The rest of the time was working on our This I Believe Essay
Here is the link for the required needed for the essay

Thursday, November 8, 2012

November 8, 2012 - Scribe - Period 5

Today in the Wonderful Class of English we read/acted Act 1 Scene 2 of Inherit the Wind. Afterwards, we took a quiz, quickly graded it, and started into Act 2 Scene 1. Smith will not be in class tomorrow, so we get THE ENTIRE CLASS to work on our This I Believe essays.


  • SAT 9 (Quiz on Words, Part of Speech, and Definition) - DUE TOMORROW!!!
  • This I Believe essays - DUE MONDAY

Have a great Thursday everyone! It's almost the weekend!! And try to go to It's a Wonderful Life if you can! Also, congratulations to Smith for winning 2nd Place in the Stride!!!
For more information about this week, click on this link here.

Scribe: Period 3- November 8, 2012

Scribe: Period 3- November 8, 2012

  • TIB essay (due on Monday)
  • SAT exercises (need to know the word, definition, and part of speech for the quiz tomorrow)

Today, after Smith went over our homework for tonight, she told us that she has a meeting all day tomorrow, so she will not be in class. Instead, Smith is giving us a day to work on our This I Believe essays. After going over homework, we read/acted Act 1 Scene 2 (in the courtroom) of Inherit the Wind. We took a group (3-4 people) quiz on the reading once we were done. Smith quickly went over the answers to the quiz, and then we started to read Act 2 Scene 1 (the prayer meeting).
Smith placed second in the 10k Littleton Strider! Congrats!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Scribe Nov. 7, 2012 Period 3

November 7, 2012 Scribe Period 3
  • This I Believe Essay- name belief, 350 to 500 words, and make sure its positive. Due mon on a google doc.
  •  SAT ch. 9 exercises due Fri.
  •  SAT Ch. 9 test on Fri- Know the Word, Definition, and Part of Speech
 Hi guys! Today we found out that Aspen, Alexandra, and Aly tied for the Smitty Award, for their movie trailers. They voted on whether or not they wanted to share it, or compete for the award. They decided there would only be one winner, and the class would vote on who would win. We then acted out and read the play to Inherit the Wind, Act 1. We got to choose the parts we wanted. We then set up the room to look like the setting of the courtroom, in the book. After setting up the room, we acted out most of Act 1 and got to page 28 in the book, but the page number may vary, depending on the copy that you got.

Scribe Nov. 7, 2012 for Period 5

Hey Everyone! Today in class Mrs. Smith announced the Banned Book Smitty Award Winner: Lindsey Archipley! Congratulations to you, and make sure you pick out a good treat! We also finished acting out Act 1 Scene 1 of Inherit the Wind. After performing the scene, we then got into groups and took a quiz to make sure we paid attention to the context. (There's another one tomorrow so be prepared!)

  • This I Believe (Make sure to write it on a google doc-due Monday!)
  • SAT Lesson 9 work (Due Friday along with a test on Definitions, Parts of Speech, and Word!)
  • Find Mrs. Moritz's ITW book! (The one with lots of writing inside)
A Look Ahead:
  • TIB podcasts are going to be worked on next week in class
  • All grades are online except for SAT quizzes, so make sure to check those out!
Link to today's agenda

See you all tomorrow! 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 6, 2012 Scribe Smith Period 5

SCRIBE-November 6, 2012

Homework- SAT 9 exercises/quiz (no synonyms this week) and This I Believe Essay (due Monday 11/12/12)
Friday is a workday for This I Believe essay
This I Believe essay due Monday 11/12/12 on a Google doc (only the essay part)

Today we vote on Smitty Award for Banned Book Movie Trailer
            Nominees- Lindsey-Brand New World
                               Faith-Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes
       Scott- Cat’s Cradle
       Kasi- We all Fall down
      Monica- The Chocolate War
      Nate- Animal Farm
            Winner- To Be Announced

We began talking about the Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925 as an introduction to Inherit the Wind
The Butler Act of 1925 in Tennessee made it illegal to teach the theory of evolution.

Important People in the Scopes Monkey Trial
Dayton Tennessee- John Scopes hired to teach evolution (Substitute teacher)
H L Mencken- reporter from Baltimore, his articles published nationwide
William Jennings Bryan- prosecutor for state of Tennessee
Clarence Darrow- defendant for John Scopes (hired by the ACLU) he was a very famous lawyer
Charles Darwin- put the theory of evolution into words (scientific theory)
            Darwin was married to Christian wife

Here is an overview of what we started with Inherit the wind. We discussed the characters in the play, who they represented in the real trial, and who would be acting out which part in Act 1. (Reminder- really act out your part, don’t just read the lines out loud)

Characters and Their Counterparts in the play Inherit the Wind
H L Mencken- E K Hornbeck
William Jennings Bryan- Matthew Harrison Brady
Clarence Darrow- Henry Drummond
Charles Darwin- Charles Darwin
John Scopes- Bertram Cates
Reverend Brown

Here is the list of who is acting as which character in Act 1
·         Melinda- Riley
·         Howard- Ethan
·         Rachel- Dom
·         Meeker-Taylor
·         Cates- Austin
·         Storekeeper- David
·         Mrs. Krebs- Gabby
·         Reverend Brown- Julia
·         Corkin- Kasi
·         Bollinger- Ally
·         Platt- Capri
·         Hawker- Emily W.
·         Mrs. McClain- Lauren
·         Mrs. Blair- Erica
·         Elijah- Emily H.
·         Hornbeck- Scott
·         Mayor- Emily H.
·         Brady- Monica
·         Mrs. Brady- Faith
·         Photographer- Lindsey
·         Davenport- Max
·         Timmy- Nate

November 6, 2012 Scribe Per. 5

Yes, I know this date was already done. That's on purpose.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 (Election Day, fyi)

Hello everyone! This is the events of today!
First, we went over the SAT words for lesson nine (page 103). We read them aloud, just like we usually do, and then Smith assigned the homework. For our SAT test on Friday, we DO NOT need to know the synonyms! Hooray!
After this, some of our recent banned book trailers were nominated for the Smitty Award (food made by Smith of your choice). We re-watched these book trailers and each student voted for the one that he/she considered to be the best. These votes were turned in and we do not know yet who won. Hopefully we'll know tomorrow!
After this, we had some discussion on the Scopes-Monkey trial in introduction to our next piece of literature, a play called Inherit the Wind. Hopefully, students have already had discussion about this a little in History and Biology. John Scopes was take to trial because he was teaching Darwin's Theory of Evolution to students in Tennessee, which was against the state law. It was a clash between evolution and creationism, and the trial was very famous, affecting everybody.
The play is fictional, so the names are not exactly the same. Here is a list of the characters and their counterparts:
  • H L Mencken is E K Hornbeck
  • William Jennings Bryan is Matthew Harrison Brady
  • Clarence Darrow is Henry Drummond
  • John Scopes is Bertram Cates
  • Reverend Brown is simply a robust preacher in the play, not really based off of anyone, but representing supporters of creationism.
  • Charles Darwin is still Charles Darwin
  • Rachel is Rev. Brown's daughter, and also the love interest of Bertram Cates (oh no! They're on opposite sides!)
We are going to act this play out in class. When you act, you really have to put feeling into your character. No squeaky girl voices if you are playing a female part. Don't just read the character's lines...BE the character!

We barely started the first act in the book Inherit the Wind, but parts were assigned. Not everyone has a part, but these roles will change around, so do not worry. I tried writing down all the roles, but I did not succeed, so just remember them. All I know for sure is that Gabby will be our narrator. For this play, everything will be acted out and Smith has provided backdrops for different scenes. Lines don't need to memorized or anything, but you can't just stand at the front and read. Don't do that.


  • SAT 9 excercises (everything except the writing portion)
  • This I Believe Essay due on Monday (the 12th) using the guidelines from the website Smith showed us in class. It's not the entire project; it's just the essay itself on a google document
Here is a link to the calendar for today

Period 5 English 9 Honors :)

November 6th, 2012 Scribe 3rd period (David Harrell)

Today, our homework is to work on our This I Believe essays, and to work on our SAT 9 vocabulary books. For more information on the essay, visit Mrs. Smith's website and click on the Tips for Writing TIB Essay link. In class, we reviewed our SAT 9 words. We will need to know: the word, the definition, and the part of speech. Also, we received our copies of Inherit the Wind. After we talked about the Scopes trial and its background (We will be having a discussion final on Inherit the Wind). It was important because it challenged the laws of banning the theory of evolution in in schools of Tennessee. The law was known as the Butler Act, and Scopes was found guilty. For more information, click here. We then proceeded to vote on who would receive the ultimate honor: the Smitty Award. But first, we reviewed all of the nominations (See previous scribe).

Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5th, 2012 scribe

Hello everyone!
Today in class we watch movie trailers and had snacks! :)
we watched
-Cat’s Cradle
-The Chocolate War
-Animal Farm
-Brave New World
-Gone with the Wind
- The Satanic Verses
- Perks of Being a Wallflower
-Blood and Chocolate
-The Sun also Rises
-Not Without my Daughter
-Little Brother
-We All Fall Down
-The Catcher in the Rye
-Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes
-Nineteen Minutes
-Go Ask Alice
-Water for Elephants
-Tom Sawyer
-The Giver
-Operation Dark Heart
-An American Tradgedy
-Catch 22
-The Last Mission
-The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
-Slaughterhouse Five

-Of Mice and Men

-This I Believe essay due in ONE week! Get started!
-SAT 9 exercises

3rd period November 5th Scribe (David Harell)

Homework for today is the This I Believe essay, due November 12th, and your SAT 9 exercises, due Friday. We have not yet talked much about the essay yet; but we talked about it some last week. To see more of this week's schedule, click here. During class, we first turned in our Banned Book project work, which consisted of research, a paragraph on why the book was banned, a response paragraph, a rubric, and storyboards. The two paragraphs could have also been with the movie trailer. If you still need to turn your trailer in, click here. We then proceeded to watch some of our peers' movie trailers, and enjoy our snacks and treats with the trailers.
Here are the4 nomimnations for the ehighly acclaimed Smithy Awards:
Haleigh:Perks of Being a Wallflower
Zach: Clockwork Orange
Bennet: The Sun Also Rises
Aly: Brave New World
Jake: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Aspen: Jumper
Sophie: Lovely Bones
David : Huckleberry Finn
Alexandra: Go Ask Alice
Maddison: Slaughterhouse 5
Lena: Lolita

Have a great day!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Scribe November 2 Period 3

Hello All,
      Today in class we signed up to bring food for our movie presentations on Monday, took the eighth SAT vocabulary test, and spent the rest of the period working on our Banned Book Project (DUE MONDAY(but must be posted before)) The fallowing list is the food we signed up to bring, DON'T FORGET!


  • Plain Potato Chips 
    • Alex 
  • Pretzels 
    • Bennet
  • Goldfish
    • Nicole
  • Popcorn 
    • Lena

  • Cupcakes
    • Sophie
  • Cookies
    • Sarah and Giovanna
  • Kettle Corn 
    • Aly
  • Brownies
    • Rachel
  • Nutella
    • Tony
  • Puppy Chow
    • Alexandra

  • Sprite
    • Elise
  • Ginger Ale
    • Aspen
  • Coke
    • Erina
  • Dr. Pepper 
    • Zach

Paper Products 
  • Plates
    • Jake and Jacob
  • Napkins 
    • Maddison
  • Cups
    • Haleigh
  • Silverware
    • Casey

Please don't forget to bring what you signed up to bring! Have a fantastic weekend and I'll see you Monday!

Also, here is the link to post your movie:

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Scribe 11-1-12 Period 5 David Choi

Only Banned Book Project.

  • Submit it here
    • Movie Trailer
    • Research (unopinionated)
    • Then Stance (summary, response(opinionated))
  • No plagiarism, cite all sources.
Snacks To Bring On Monday:

  • Queso- Julia
  • Potatoe Chips- Dom
  • Veggies- Gabby

  • Brownies- Riley
  • Chocolate Cookies- Capri
  • Fruit- Gabby
  • Truffles- Truffles
  • Snacks in general- David

  • Pop- Monica

Paper Products:
  • Plates- Austin
  • Napkins- Emily
  • Cups- Ethan
  • Silverware- Ally

This I believe:
  • Listen to Isabel Allende's ThisIBelieve.
  • Listened to Penn Jilette's ThisIBelieve to contrast and compare with Isabel's.
  • Due November 12th, submit it here.