Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Period 3 Scribe 3/12/13

Today in class we...
  1. watched the balcony scene from both versions of Romeo and Juliet
  2. were assigned our new project which is where each group has to preform tableaux vivants of a certain part from act three
Tableaux Vivants- (living pictures) are used in the world of art and theater to recreate famous works of art. THis technique may also be used to recreate scenes from Shakespeare. These scenes are easy to develop because only a few essential lines from the original work are needed. Like frozen statues, the actors arrange themselves in an appropriate opening tableau; then one ar a time the actor comes to life, speaks a line, and changes position.
(See Mrs. Smith if you have any other questions or forgot the groups and scenes assigments.)

None! (make sure to rest up for TCAP and do you best!!)

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