Monday, March 4, 2013

Smith Per. 5 3/4/13

Max Hostetter

First, Smith handed back our grammar quizzes and Safari Packets. She then explained the TCAP schedule next week.

A quick TCAP tip for today: Have a good topic sentence-Restate and answer the question, and incorporate a why. In the paragraph, have examples that connect to the topic sentence. Sum up w/ a good concluding sentence.

After that we typed up our Parent Teacher Letters and printed a copy off for Smith and emailed one to our parents. Then we worked on our grammar sentences for Monday. The first sentence is "we wanted to play soccer however our friends wanted to listen to music". The second is "both moritz and smith learned the students names". We learned about infinitive verbs- to play, to listen, to run-that kind of thing. We also learned about correlative conjunctions-"both" in the second sentence is a correlative conjunction.

After grammar we took a quiz on Act 1 of Romeo and Juliet.

Our homework is the prologue performance, DOL, and CSAP tips.
For more info visit this week's PowerPoint here.

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