Monday, March 4, 2013

Scribe Period 3 3/4/13

Today in class we first learned our CSAP tip of the day.
          In a long short response you want to have.... (full page)

  • Topic Sentence: (restate and answer question with a why)
  • Examples with explanations 
  • Explanations relate to topic sentence
  • Concluding sentence
        In a shot short response you want to have... (1/2 page)
  • Topic Sentence
  • Example with explanations
  • Concluding sentence
Then we did grammar....

1) we wanted to play soccer however our friends wanted to listen to music 
     prn    av      inf          n          adv  poss prn  n        av         inf   prep   n

2) both moritz and smith learned the students names
corr conj   N corr conj  N     av     art     adj        n

Then we wrote a parent teacher letter which the directions can be found here.

Then we finished watching Romeo and Juliet act one and took the quiz. 

Homework: prologue performance, DOL, and CASP tips 

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