Thursday, March 21, 2013

March 21 Scribe Period 3

Class began with morning announcements

Here is a link to Smith's weekly agenda. 

We also continued our Grammar March Madness. The sentence was:

dont forget to bring your copy of the play the miracle worker to class you will need it to finish your assignment.
This is the completed sentence and diagram:

Congratulations to Sara and Ethan! They are our finalists. Here is a what the bracket looks like:

Make sure to bring in money for Warrior Week! Aly D. is our class representative and Smith's period 3 and 5 are having a competition to see who can raise the most money. The proceeds will go to Adam's Camp. Please bring any loose change and donate if you can!
The class was required to go to hearing and vision tests today. Students went in groups of 10 to get tested. 

Since we did not get a chance to read Romeo and Juliet, the students in the classroom read Act 4 individually. If you did not finish Act 4 in class, please do it for homework. You can access a free online copy here

Read Act 4
Bring in $$ for Warrior Week!
Return any class copies of Little Brother and 1984 to Smith.

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