Friday, August 31, 2012

08-31-12 Period 5

  • SAT lesson 1- 
      • Check out books.
      • Exercises due next Friday.
      • Quiz next Friday.
    • Background on Sniper author, read Sniper (annotations, relate to question, 3 higher level thinking questions)
    • Next Wednesday assigned memoir due Friday but you can start early.
      • We got handouts in class.
        • Kind of memoirs.
        • How to construct a memoir.
        • Rubric.
      • 5 memoirs will have to tie to a similar theme so use ones that can link.
    • Tuesday MAP testing in library/computer lab.
    • Look at a picture online of a man's hand in the middle of a half-falling row of dominoes.
      • Feedback:
        • When your life is falling down, literature can stop the process because it can show us what we should be doing or shouldn't be doing as a society or person.
        • Literature can motivate us to stand up for what we know is right because there is one hand among all of the dominoes.
        • When Jack was burning forest and the man in the ship came, he stopped the barbarism. There can be someone to say STOP. 
        • The domino closest to the hand is the one holding everyone up so it is supporting the other "people".
    • Google Liam O'flahrety (author of Sniper)
      • Feedback:
        • He abandoned training for Priesthood and fought in WWII may have influenced him.
          • He was wounded in war and went crazy do to shell shock.
        • He was interested in communism as a schoolboy.
        • He was Irish which may have influenced his views and beliefs.
        • He used psychology violent satyrs and dark themes in his stories.
        • He grew up in a poor home which gave him a different perspective.
        • He is a wanderer and traveled the world. If he wasn't secure in one place he may be insecure and scared which relate to his dark themes.
    • We started to read and annotate Sniper for the rest of class.
    • TGIF!

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