Thursday, August 30, 2012

Scribe! August 30th Period 5

Daily Power Point: 
  • We started off the class with an aquarium discussion, talking about the research we found on Juan A.A. Sedillo. The background knowledge included where he was from, his beliefs and customs, and his background. 
  • Next we discussed the short story, The Gentlemen of Rio Medio, which an annotated copy was due in class today with three higher level thinking questions. We also touched back on how the short story is an example of our semester guiding question: how can literature be a motivator for social change?
  • We stated our memoir unit by taking a few notes on what IS a memoir, including
          • A snapshot
          • A picture
          • A moment 
          • A flashback                          
    • We also brainstormed for the memoir unit by creating a list of different things that make up YOU!
      • What communities are you apart of?
                                     (ex.: a daughter, sister, student etc.)
      • What are you an expert at?
                                     (ex.: baking, dancing, etc.)
      • What are some of your favorite things?
                                     (ex.: bands, foods, people)
      • What are some of your obsessions?
                                     (ex.: a food, a person etc.)
      • What do you believe in?
                                   (ex.: religion, morals etc.)
Homework:  Set up a conference with Mrs. Smith for PLN-1, which you should have done yesterday.

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