Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Period 3, Smith Scribe Post, Aug 29, 2012

(Announcements reminded us that tomorrow is Freshmen Picnic in the field for both first and second hour lunches! So bring your own lunch!)

Even though last night's homework was to research the life of Juan A. A. Sedillo, author of The Gentlemen of Rio en Medio,we did not go over those papers in class. We also did not read The Gentlemen of Rio en Medio in class.

-Today we reviewed the requirements for annotating:
  • literary devices- you don't have to always just print off the writing we will be annotating. Google Docs is a great resource for annotating. You can highlight, and comment on the side of the text. Also annotating does not need to be done in different colors.
  • connections- text to text, text to self, text to world
  • guiding questions- question the text as your working
  • asking higher level thinking questions- write three after done annotating. These questions should not be found in the book.
  • also label personification, metaphor, simile, characterization, theme, symbol, etc...

*Smith should be able to tell what your are thinking throughout the ENTIRE story, and never wonder what you thought!

For the remainder of the class period we worked as a large group together on a poster. The topic was our class question for the year: "How can literature be a motivator for social change?"
-At first the class started brainstorming and mapping out specific examples (the titles of books) which limited us to what the question was really asking. After some re-direction from Smith, we came up with ideas such as:
  • the ideas of societies in books can scare us into changing our own societies
  • personal perception
  • stories can persuade us into taking action
IMPORTANT: At the end of class we signed up in Smith's planner to schedule a one on one writing conference with Smith to go over our own PLN1. She would like us to go no further than two weeks. MAKE SURE YOU SIGN UP TOMORROW IN CLASS IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY! 
Here are Smith's off hours so you can start planning:
M.W.F- 4th and 6th
T.TH-1st and 6th
Smith is only scheduling 3 people an hour so if non of those off hours work for you within the next two weeks then schedule before or after school.

Homework: read, annotate, and write 3 higher level thinking questions for The Gentlemen of Rio en Medio by Juan A. A. Sedillo.

Here is the daily Power Point Smith shows us at the beginning of class!

Week 2-Wednesday

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