Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Scribe for Wednesday August 29,2012 P5

Everyone welcome Ali Payne! She is new to our class, not to our school.
Today we reviewed annotation examples and went over the proper way to do them. We touched on these points:
·         Look for literary devices (like the ones we took the pretest on)
·         Connect the story to the guiding question
·         Connect Text-Text,  Text-Self, Text-World and EXPLAIN
·         If you don’t want to waste paper, you can copy and paste into a Google Doc and highlight and leave comments.
·         Someone reading the annotations should feel like they are having a conversation with the annotator about the story
·         Go into depth about thoughts on the story
Also, we signed up in Mrs. Smith’s planner for an appointment to discuss and review PLN1.
Note: For your PLN rewrite, you can revise it and post the original as a comment on the revised one.
For the last part of class, we all gathered in the center around a big red piece of paper with a box of markers. We wrote our guiding question “How can literature be a motivator for social change?” in the middle of the paper, then were asked to write examples, imagery, etc. that related to the question and find the general meaning of them.
 Our ideas we as follows:
·         The Bible provided a guideline for people to live their life.
·         Mein Kampf planted an idea in people’s heads that grew into an entire society.
·         The Jungle brought awareness to people about the meat industry.
·         To Kill a Mockingbird alerted people about the injustice against African Americans in the South and the persecution of the innocent.
·         1984 made people realize how technology and governmental influence have grown substantially.
·         Newspapers and magazines control what people know and how people think about the current situation.
·         Brave New World warned about the importance of balance and the impossibility of perfect stability.
·         Boos by Jodi Picoult focus on controversial topics and morals.
·         Read  Gentlemen from Rio Medio and “annotate you guts out”
·         If you haven’t  already, make sure you make an appointment with Mrs. Smith about your PLN1

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