Monday, August 27, 2012

Scribe for Monday 27 period 3

-If you posted your blog for PLN 1 on the class blog, you need to take it down and post it on your personal blog
-we talked about google reader; on reader if your names bold then Smith knows if you turned blog in or not!
- handed in the LOF final annotations
- talked about good teacher/student expectations
-you can find that in Period 3 Teacher Class Expectations document on power point for today
- collected Lady or the Tiger annotations
- had discussion about the short story:
-summarized it
- going to hurt the princess if he opened either door
- in fates hands
-not going to necessarily let her love die in such a horrible way
- would every couple do the same thing?
- sh is either selfish or selfless
- because the guy was very low in status would it cause a social change
- not in the story but maybe make you think
- could she not have talked him out of this??
-totally different situation
-a women could not dispute it
- different kinds of relationships father/daughter
- ended class
hw: look at literary terms, “quiz” tomorrow

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