Friday, August 31, 2012

Scribe for 8/31/12 period 3

Scribe for 8/31/12 Period 3

  • HW: finish annotating The Sniper, meet in library computer lab tuesday for class, SAT 1 lessons, memoir work
  • MAPS Testing Tuesday
  • Received SAT book
  • Went over what good annotations look like
  • Good annotations include a legend, questions, literary elements, and connections.
  • Received back our annotations from Gentleman from Rio de Medio
  • Signed out our SAT books, wrote book number on sign out sheet
  • SAT Lesson 1 test next Friday, part of speech, definition, how its spelled, there are 15 words under Lesson 1 in the SAT book
  • Do all of lesson 1 in SAT book due friday, will be collected
  • For memoir hw, look at next week’s wednesday powerpoint, memoir is due next friday
  • Looked at a picture of a person putting his hand to stop the flow of dominoes
  • How does this relate to our question for the semester?
  • If you missed class, you can look at this picture from the powerpoint, there is a link on today’s slide
  • Searched about Liam O’Flaherty, the author of Sniper
  • Shared background information about him

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