Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Period 3, Smith Scribe Post, Aug 28, 2012

If you have not taken your PLN-1 post from the class blog page, you NEED to do this and re-post it in your own personal blog!!!

In class today, the first item on the agenda was to take the literary terms pretest

Afterwards, we peer evaluated each others PLN-1 blog posts. We posted our comments at the bottom of our peer's blog post. We commented on the structure of the blog post, and we needed to give constructive and positive feedback to the writer. Topic sentence should show the author's view on the video, as well as include strong verbs. Summary should have none of the author's personal thoughts or feelings, while the response should be full of hot spots (how the author feels about certain situations that really get to them), and the author's thoughts and feelings on the video.

At the end of class, we finished up by grading each other's literary terms pretests.

HW: Do background research on the author who wrote the short story on  "The Gentleman of Rio en Medio". Ask questions like, who is the author? What do we need to know about him culturally?

The author's name is Juan A. A. Sedillo

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