Monday, August 27, 2012

English Honors: Smith August 27, 2012

Today in English, we did a variety of activities, here is a outline of how class went:

Smith greeted us today with a cheerful "Hello everyone!" as usual. We then turned to the slideshow to see our agenda for the day. Here is the link for the slideshow from today and the rest of the week:  Class slideshow

Next, we all made sure that Smith was subscribed to our blogs. Remember, it should be your blog name and then (ex. Also, we were reminded that PLN 1 (Which was due today) should be posted to our personal blogs, not the class blog! When that was all set, Smith collected our Lord of the Flies books and rubrics.

Next, we went over the homework, which is listed below: 
  • Pretest over literary terms tomorrow
Then, we discussed what makes a good teacher, student and class. This is something we all have blogged about individually, however, today we all made one master list with the most important points. After the list was created, we printed it off and each of us made a commitment to be responsible for our part on the list, Smith included, by signing it. The list is now hung on our classroom wall.

After that, we all moved the desks around and got in position for a giant fishbowl discussion about The Lady or the Tiger, here is the link to the story: Lady or Tiger
Here are some of the questions and things discussed in our giant fishbowl today:

What do you think was the moral of the story, or message? We all agreed that the point of the story was jealousy vs. compassion. As humans, we have all experienced jealousy when people we like talk to others. An important point that was brought up was that we don't have enough information on the relationship between the princess and her lover to make a judgement over why he trusted the princess or why she should would send him to a specific door. As a class we took a vote on what we would do if we were the princess, tiger or the lady? At first, the lady was the winning vote, but when we revoted, the votes were pretty even. Another question we all had was, if the princess had enough power to find out who was behind each door, why couldn't she switch who the lady behind the door was? Of course, we all realized that her father (the king) would realize if anything about the day was amiss. Finally, we all got to the big question: How can this story be a motivation for social change? The conclusion to this was that this story is similar to Lord of the Flies, it is a reflection of human nature and what our natural instincts are, so this should make us remember that compassion should always come before jealousy. Of course, we are not the princess who is influenced by her jealousy and barbaric genes from her father, as well as her love and compassion for the man she loves. So, which door do you think was opened?

While we were having our discussion over the short story, Smith came around to check that we had our three critical thinking questions regarding the story. 

In case the links aren't working, here are the websites so you can copy copy and paste them in your web browser: 

  • Class slideshow:
  • Literary terms 1:
  • Literary Terms 2:
  • http://academic.brooklyn: 
  • Lady or Tiger:

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