Thursday, August 30, 2012

Period 3, Smith Scribe Post, August 30, 2012

Announcements: Come support our Warriors tomorrow night at Littleton Stadium when we take on the Heritage Eagles! BLACK OUT!

-The class shared their thoughts about the research that was gathered about Juan A.A. Sedillo. We concluded that this short story would reflect his life and experiences (which the story did).

-We held a class discussion over The Gentlemen from Rio Medio. The most important topic we discussed was how this piece of literature could be a motivator to social change (based off of Smith's question). 

-We then turned in our annotations of The Gentlemen from Rio Medio which was Wednesday's homework to annotate.

Memoir Unit Introduction!

*Our class is going to be redefining what a memoir is. We will not only write, but also create an audio and visual memoir. 

  • Class Goal: Help each other become better writers. 
    • In order to achieve this goal, we must be open to criticism, this way the best can happen.

Memoirs (class thoughts on what a memoir is):
  • all about you
  • experiences
  • events that happened in the past
  • details
  • reflection looking back
  • painting pictures
  • colorful words-literary elements
  • create empathy
  • personalized

Topics Smith had us brainstorm individually on (possible memoir topics):
  • What are communities you belong to? (think interests)
    • ex: AHS student, reader, a sibling...
  • What are you an expert at? (in what subjects would people come to you)
  • What do you do in your free time?
  • What are your favorites? (could be anything)
  • What are your obsessions? 
  • What do you believe in?

Homework: Writing Conference for PLN1 (which you should have signed up for yesterday)

Smith off hours: remember only 3 people per hour and before and after school work too! To sign up, ask Smith for her personal calender.

M-W-F: 4th and 6th
T-Th: 1st and 6th

Here is the daily power point Smith shows us at the beginning of class!

Week 2- Thursday


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