Thursday, May 9, 2013

AWNM Meaning p5


  1. "Does the fact that we have now talked with Dan Pink influence how you read the book?" @Dom: It does a lot for me. I didn't really like the book that much and I felt like it was really biased, but when he talked about how he hopes no one completely agrees or disagrees with it, it made me like it more. I'm glad that he welcomes different opinions and wants his book to get people thinking.
    "On page 218, Dan Pink mentions suffering. Do you think the suffering is necessary to find meaning? Why or why not?" @Lauren: I do think that suffering is necessary to find meaning. If everything was always perfect and easy, we wouldn't know what value truly meant. We would take everything for granted and would barely know the difference between good and bad. Without the painful times, we wouldn't appreciate the good times. I think we have all been through some level of suffering, and it has helped our purpose.
    "@Class How have you experienced "mind over matter" @Hunter: I've experienced mind over matter what seems like maybe too much in my life. I try to get in that state of mind whenever I'm swimming a race, especially when it becomes painful and I want to give up. I've also been using it a lot to prepare for my TED talk. I'm really nervous and scared about making a fool of myself, turning red, etc, so I just keep trying to tell myself that I can overcome those physical reactions because I know that I am better than that.
    "@Class: Why wasn't meaning put first in the book? Also, why do you think Pink ordered the book like he did?" @Capri. I think he put Meaning at the end of the book because I feel like it would connect more deeply to more people. Design is important, but many people don't really feel connected with Design. Meaning is something that everyone has and feels pretty passionate about. Without meaning, there would probably be no life.
    "@Class: What do think of or take away from Dan Pink's writing style?" @Lauren: I really enjoyed his writing style because it showed me that a writer can speak from him/herself directly to the reader (by using personal pronouns) and still produce a good piece. I liked his writing because it was casual but also relayed his point really well. I didn't feel like I was reading a boring informational book about business, but I felt like I was receiving advice from a friend.
    " @Class, on page 226 Pink talks about people who have a "calling" find their job more satisfying. Do you think everyone has their own "calling"?" I believe that everyone does have a calling; however, I think that some people can go their whole lives without finding it. Some people find it at a very young age, others' probably never will. While I do not associate with any particular religion, I do believe in some level of fate and I think that everyone is here for a reason. It is disappointing that that reason might never become apparent, though.
    In this section, Pink talks a lot about "Taking spirituality seriously" Do you believe that people who do not believe in a spiritual world have a lower chance of being successful? Is there any substitution for spirituality?
    Do you think that people who have similar meanings or 'callings' typically tend to befriend each other, or is it more of an "opposites attract" sort of deal?
    Would you consider talking to your doctor about your faith? Why/or why not? Do you think it would be necessary and if so, how do you think it would be beneficial to you?
    Did you find Pink's portfolios helpful? Personally, I enjoyed some of them, but some of them just weren't realistic in terms of us being able to go out and do them. Many of them took place in other states/countries, or were expensive. If we are unable to complete much of these tasks, how can we apply the book to our life more?

  2. Comment From Julia G
    What is the average highschooler's "meaning"? What should it be?"
    @Julia, I think the highschooler's meaning should be to just prepare themselves for their future. That's basically what highschool should be. They should go to get the reputation highschoolers need in order to get accepted into colleges.

    Comment From DomBA
    Does the fact that we have now talked with Dan Pink influence how you read the book?
    @Dom, I think that now that now we have spoken to him, and I see that he's not as relentless at his point of view and open to other opinions, I can read AWNM and not think so harshly of his opinions.

    Lauren: @Class: What do think of or take away from Dan Pink's writing style?
    @Lauren, I think that his opinion and point of view is very reinforced in his writing. I like that he doesn't allow for much room for counter-ideas, which I think is good when you're trying to convince society. In my TED Talk, I do feel the need to mention small things that are contrary to my message, but I leave them out because I need to project my message with full force.

    Zach Hall: @Class- What is the purpose of finding meaning? What benefits does it have?
    @Zach,I think that this is a weird question, no offense, sounds very cliche, but this type of question is not really applicable to Meaning. Meaning is basically what gives us the will to live, I mean you find your meaning in your life, you don't find a reason to find a reason to live, if you understand what I'm getting at. I think trying to find a purpose to find meaning only applies to people who have lost that meaning to live in the first place. I think people try to find their meaning in a later age, because when you're little you don't think of such an idea, you just live.

    Sarah S: @Class Emily had a good question, Do you think we can start our search for meaning now?
    @Sarah, I think searching for meaning is better said than done. I think in order to find your meaning, it requires a lot of time thinking. Some people may even require help from someone else, or maybe leave it up to themselves to find their meaning. I don't think that our age is really a place to start looking for meaning. I think that after we have finished school we should start, because at that point we can find meaning and have a way to live that meaning.

    Sarah S:@Class Do you think everyone is born with a meaning that they have to find, or is life about deciding what your meaning should be?
    @Sarah, I think this question provokes a lot of thinking. It's really hard to give a finite answer to your question. Whether or not you find your meaning and decide your own meaning differs from person to person, especially based on the content of your character and those close to you.

    Lauren: @Class: Does school help shape our "meaning" in life at all? Does school impact it at all?
    @Lauren, I think school doesn't shape our meaning at all. I still think it is important, however. Because school provides us with the means of living our purpose. You can have a meaning and a purpose, but without an education and a place in the world, can you really live it? Of course, your meaning and purpose can change on whether or not you go to school or not, but in the end I feel like without education it will definitely be much harder to live your own meaning.