Thursday, May 2, 2013

Scribe Period 5 5/2/13

Scribe Thursday 2, 2013

Due today:

  • Make sure you have your topic for your TED talk finalized

We started the class off today discussing due dates and time tables for upcoming events:

  • TED Blog Post 6 due Tomorrow-Do a really good job!!!
  • In order to be prepared, have an outline prepared tomorrow for your TED talk
  • Have a more detailed outline with attention getter, thesis, and any other information for Monday
  • Submit Daniel Pink questions to blog tomorrow
    • Ask questions that haven't been asked before
  • There is a fishbowl on Monday on Empathy AND Play

The rest of the period was work time:
  • Work on TED Blog Post 6
  • Work on outline on your TED talk
  • Mrs. Smith came around and helped with TED talk
That's it! Yay English!

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