Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Scribe: April 30th, 5th Period

Hello Everybody,
Today we had two sophomores come in from Mrs. Moritz's class last year. They gave us ideas and tips on how to do our TED Talk at the end of the year.
Some of these tips were:

  • Practice, Practice Practice
  • When speaking, try to keep yourself from rushing through
  • When picking a topic, try to pick something you are passionate about
Smith then went over the differences between the Ignite presentation style and Pecha Kucha presentation style. Ignite is a slide show controlled by you. You decide when to go on to the next slide. This gives you a chance to speak at your own pace. Pecha Kucha is a timed, 20 slide presentation. This allows you to not have to worry about clicking to the next slide. 
Smith also went over the ideal outline for the TED Talk. It is not required you follow the outline, but Smith does need to know what you are talking about by Thursday.
Smith handed out a packet called "and the Special Circumstances When They Do". This is a follow up to the packet we had a few days ago called "Reasons Carrots and Sticks Don't (Often) Work". Both of these packets are by Dan Pink.

HOMEWORK: TED PLN 5-Due Wednesday. This one is free choice, so it can be on ANYTHING

Read "Empathy" in A Whole New Mind by Thursday
Read "and the Special Circumstances When They Do"
Come up with your TED Talk Topic by Thursday

For more info see Smith's webpage here.

Also, Wednesday is a PLC Day.

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