Friday, November 30, 2012

Scribe November 29th, 2012 Period 5

Hey guys! (Sorry this is late, I thought I posted it last night but apparently it didn't show up! :( )


  • scribe
  • Western Civ teachers come in this week. Talk about what is going on in the world during these years. What was Orwell seeing that he wanted to warn society about? Cold war, Post WWII, Stalin/Marx, Iron Curtain
    • Mr. Morahan-3
    • Ms. Crosby-5
  • Read 1984 (1-69) 

Today in class, Ms. Crosby came in and spoke to us about George Orwell and what was going on in the world during his lifetime that influenced his writing. She talked to us about World War II, The Great Depression, and different governmental systems. She drew a scale that showed: Communism, Socialism, Capitalism, Fascism, and Nazism. Communism being where everyone is equal (and is impossible unless multiple countries are involved) and Nazism being where no one is equal. We talked about who falls in which category and people's opinions on them. We also talked about the U.S. government and what we want from them and if we trust them or not.


  • Read pages 1-69 in 1984 by Monday!
  • Political cartoons- Now vs. Then. Have them printed out in color by class tomorrow! Don't make them too small. No printing out during class!
  • Loggel. Make sure you're keeping up with it if you still have stuff to do! 
    • loggel account:
    • username: smith52012
      password: smith5
  • We will be presenting the Loggel on Wednesday of next week! REMEMBER- The Loggel is not a timeline of Orwell's life events. It is events in the world that influenced his writing! We should also have some things describing the things that happened before he was born that could've influenced him! 

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