Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 6, 2012 Scribe Smith Period 5

SCRIBE-November 6, 2012

Homework- SAT 9 exercises/quiz (no synonyms this week) and This I Believe Essay (due Monday 11/12/12)
Friday is a workday for This I Believe essay
This I Believe essay due Monday 11/12/12 on a Google doc (only the essay part)

Today we vote on Smitty Award for Banned Book Movie Trailer
            Nominees- Lindsey-Brand New World
                               Faith-Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes
       Scott- Cat’s Cradle
       Kasi- We all Fall down
      Monica- The Chocolate War
      Nate- Animal Farm
            Winner- To Be Announced

We began talking about the Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925 as an introduction to Inherit the Wind
The Butler Act of 1925 in Tennessee made it illegal to teach the theory of evolution.

Important People in the Scopes Monkey Trial
Dayton Tennessee- John Scopes hired to teach evolution (Substitute teacher)
H L Mencken- reporter from Baltimore, his articles published nationwide
William Jennings Bryan- prosecutor for state of Tennessee
Clarence Darrow- defendant for John Scopes (hired by the ACLU) he was a very famous lawyer
Charles Darwin- put the theory of evolution into words (scientific theory)
            Darwin was married to Christian wife

Here is an overview of what we started with Inherit the wind. We discussed the characters in the play, who they represented in the real trial, and who would be acting out which part in Act 1. (Reminder- really act out your part, don’t just read the lines out loud)

Characters and Their Counterparts in the play Inherit the Wind
H L Mencken- E K Hornbeck
William Jennings Bryan- Matthew Harrison Brady
Clarence Darrow- Henry Drummond
Charles Darwin- Charles Darwin
John Scopes- Bertram Cates
Reverend Brown

Here is the list of who is acting as which character in Act 1
·         Melinda- Riley
·         Howard- Ethan
·         Rachel- Dom
·         Meeker-Taylor
·         Cates- Austin
·         Storekeeper- David
·         Mrs. Krebs- Gabby
·         Reverend Brown- Julia
·         Corkin- Kasi
·         Bollinger- Ally
·         Platt- Capri
·         Hawker- Emily W.
·         Mrs. McClain- Lauren
·         Mrs. Blair- Erica
·         Elijah- Emily H.
·         Hornbeck- Scott
·         Mayor- Emily H.
·         Brady- Monica
·         Mrs. Brady- Faith
·         Photographer- Lindsey
·         Davenport- Max
·         Timmy- Nate

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