Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Scribe Period 3, Wednesday November 28, 2012

Hello class,

Today we started out as usual with announcements and our homework for the week/night.
-Due Friday: political cartoon
     -One from the time period of Orwell 25 June 1903 – 21 January 1950
     - One from present day 
     - if found in color leave it in color
     - needs to be printed off
     - needs to be big enough to read easily
- Loggel
     - Due wednesday (PLC DAY)
     - In different groups 
          - Early Life: Thursday night
          - Middle Life: Friday night
          - Adult Life: Saturday night
          - World Info: Sunday 
     - Make sure you make connections to his writing 
     - Will have limited time to work on it friday
- Guest Speaker (MR. MORAHAN) tomorrow 
     - Talking about the time period when Orwell was alive and what the society and things in society were like. 

 Then we were shown a slide show about propaganda tying into the cartoons that we have to find. We discussed what the slides showed or were trying to show. Our discussion for each is below. 

     First slide
          - NAVY advertisement
          - Man uniform
          - ONly men could join because it says "I wish I were a man"
          - Telling the men to come because if women can then women can
          - Women admire men who join the army
          - Red white and blue
          - Guy looking/ manly
          - Confident and happy
          - "Be a man and do it"

     Second slide
          - Eyes looking at you intimidating 
          - Dark skinned/dirty looking
          - All CAPS yelling at you
          - Gun sticking out of the poster
          - Position of the gun
          - Hand black because of gun shot powder
          - If you have patriotism don't ask questions
          - He is fighting for you because he is filthy and working hard
          - red white and blue

     Third slide
          - Lend a hand
          - To much weight on the NAVY 
          - red white and blue 
          - Hands and face almost glow
          - "YOUR" NAVY
          - No fire from the enemy
          - Big bad NAVY
          - NAVY dedicated to help our country 
          - Generic faces

We checked in and out books and got out TIB essay grades handed back and they are in the grade book. Then we had time to work on the following 
     - Loggel
     - Reading 
     - Checking in an out books
     - Got our TIB grades handed back
     - Look for political cartoons

Then we finished up with the last ten minutes discussing our Loggel project. We got into the details of putting it together and that we had to connect our research to the way Orwell wrote his book. PICTURES ARE MANDATORY!!!!! If you have any questions if you would like to help email anyone in our class and they will help you. 

Have a great rest of the day!

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