Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Scribe Period 3, Tuesday November 27, 2012

Hello Class,

Today we started off with Mrs. Smith explaining the homework to us.
- Loggel
     - Username: smith3
       Password: smith3
- Find political cartoons
     - one from any time during George Orwell's lifespan (1903-1950)
     - one from the present day (2000-2012)
     - needs to be printed off, in a size large enough that it is easily readable
     - if you find it in color print it off in color, it is okay if you find it in black and white
- Read pages 1-69 of 1984 by Monday
     - be ready for discussion
- Permission Letter
     - if you have not turned in it yet, you need to or you may not read the books!
- Make This I Believe essay and podcast public!!
     -Mrs. Smith has only graded a few!
     - Elise- access, podcast
     - Dean- access, podcast
     - Tony- access, podcast
     - Aspen- access, podcast
     - Steven- access, podcast
     - Rachel- upload
     - Ian- access
     - Erina- access

Mrs. Smith then put sign up sheets up and we signed up for fishbowls as well as turned in SAT, and ITW books that had not yet been turned in. We also picked up a copy of 1984 if you do not have your own copy, so try to get one as soon as possible because we will be starting it soon. Below you will find the list of names and when they are signed up for fishbowls for our upcoming book 1984.

1984                                = need to be filled 

1-69                 69-117                 117-167             167-224           225-298
12/3/12            12/6/12                12/11/12             12/13/12          1/9/13

Presenter:         Presenter:            Presenter:            Presenter:        Presenter:
1-Tyler S.        1- Sarah S.          1- Casey M.        1- Aspen G.     1-Tony
2- Bennet        2- Lena C.           2- Jake B.            2- Sophie Y.    2-Mollie G.
3- Ethan S.      3- Allie B.           3- Erina R.          3- David M.     3- Ian P.
4- David H.     4- Giovanna V.   4- Rachel H.       4-                     4- Alexandra L.
5-Alex J.         5- Aly. D             5- Maddison N.  5- Jacob G.      5-                    
6- Leah T.       6- Haleigh S.       6- Dean B.          6-Steven G.     6-                   
7- Zach U.       7- Elise A.           7-Grace E.          7- Nicole B.    7-                     

Discusser:        Discusser:           Discusser:           Discusser:        Discusser:
1- Lena C.       1- Tyler S.          1-Aspen              1- Casey M.     1- Zach U.
2- Sarah S.       2-Bennet            2- David M.        2-Tony             2-Nicole B.
3-Allie B.         3- Jake B.           3-Leah T.            3- Erina R.      3-               
4- Giovanna     4-Ethan S.          4-Mollie G.         4- Rachel H.    4-                
5- Aly D.         5- David H.       5-Alexandra L.    5- Maddison     5-                
6- Haleigh S.    6- Sophie Y.      6-Jacob G.           6-Dean B.       6-                
7- Elise A.       7- Alex J.           7- Steven G.        7-Grace E.        7-                  

Then for the rest of the class period we worked on the Loggel which is a class grade if you forgot, so DO YOUR WORK!!! I can't stress that enough so many people will be mad at you if you do not hold up your end of the deal! We were informed by some of the leaders in our class that we will have needed to finish the research today so that we can begin to construct our Loggel. We are split up into four sections early life, middle/young adult, adult, and what is happening around the world. You should have a google doc shared with you that has your assigned position and all the research on it. You can help at any point, the username and password for our classes account is on the top of the page! 

The schedule for next semester is up and don't worry if it is not on one page!

Have a great rest of the day! 

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