Thursday, November 15, 2012

Period 5 Scribe 11/15/12

Hey class,

Today in class we read Act 3 of Inherit the Wind, or finished it up rather. We read from page 109 to the end in class and had a small discussion about it afterwards. Also, we took the reading quiz for the entire act.


  1. Finish and post TIB to the Google Site, linking your TIB essay to your name and your TIB podcast to the word "podcast" which you have to add in yourself
  2. Click the pencil at the top to edit the document, to add "-podcast" after your name, or just "podcast" and to link your TIB work
  3. DON'T EDIT THE PAGE IF SOMEONE ELSE IS EDITING IT AT THE SAME TIME! One of you will have to erase your work, and you will have to start all over again linking your TIB work
  4. Have Parent Permission Letter signed by you and a parent by tomorrow
  5. Finish SAT 10 Vocabulary exercises and study for the quiz

Have a great day!

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