Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Scribe Nov. 7, 2012 Period 3

November 7, 2012 Scribe Period 3
  • This I Believe Essay- name belief, 350 to 500 words, and make sure its positive. Due mon on a google doc.
  •  SAT ch. 9 exercises due Fri.
  •  SAT Ch. 9 test on Fri- Know the Word, Definition, and Part of Speech
 Hi guys! Today we found out that Aspen, Alexandra, and Aly tied for the Smitty Award, for their movie trailers. They voted on whether or not they wanted to share it, or compete for the award. They decided there would only be one winner, and the class would vote on who would win. We then acted out and read the play to Inherit the Wind, Act 1. We got to choose the parts we wanted. We then set up the room to look like the setting of the courtroom, in the book. After setting up the room, we acted out most of Act 1 and got to page 28 in the book, but the page number may vary, depending on the copy that you got.

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