Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 6, 2012 Scribe Per. 5

Yes, I know this date was already done. That's on purpose.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 (Election Day, fyi)

Hello everyone! This is the events of today!
First, we went over the SAT words for lesson nine (page 103). We read them aloud, just like we usually do, and then Smith assigned the homework. For our SAT test on Friday, we DO NOT need to know the synonyms! Hooray!
After this, some of our recent banned book trailers were nominated for the Smitty Award (food made by Smith of your choice). We re-watched these book trailers and each student voted for the one that he/she considered to be the best. These votes were turned in and we do not know yet who won. Hopefully we'll know tomorrow!
After this, we had some discussion on the Scopes-Monkey trial in introduction to our next piece of literature, a play called Inherit the Wind. Hopefully, students have already had discussion about this a little in History and Biology. John Scopes was take to trial because he was teaching Darwin's Theory of Evolution to students in Tennessee, which was against the state law. It was a clash between evolution and creationism, and the trial was very famous, affecting everybody.
The play is fictional, so the names are not exactly the same. Here is a list of the characters and their counterparts:
  • H L Mencken is E K Hornbeck
  • William Jennings Bryan is Matthew Harrison Brady
  • Clarence Darrow is Henry Drummond
  • John Scopes is Bertram Cates
  • Reverend Brown is simply a robust preacher in the play, not really based off of anyone, but representing supporters of creationism.
  • Charles Darwin is still Charles Darwin
  • Rachel is Rev. Brown's daughter, and also the love interest of Bertram Cates (oh no! They're on opposite sides!)
We are going to act this play out in class. When you act, you really have to put feeling into your character. No squeaky girl voices if you are playing a female part. Don't just read the character's lines...BE the character!

We barely started the first act in the book Inherit the Wind, but parts were assigned. Not everyone has a part, but these roles will change around, so do not worry. I tried writing down all the roles, but I did not succeed, so just remember them. All I know for sure is that Gabby will be our narrator. For this play, everything will be acted out and Smith has provided backdrops for different scenes. Lines don't need to memorized or anything, but you can't just stand at the front and read. Don't do that.


  • SAT 9 excercises (everything except the writing portion)
  • This I Believe Essay due on Monday (the 12th) using the guidelines from the website Smith showed us in class. It's not the entire project; it's just the essay itself on a google document
Here is a link to the calendar for today

Period 5 English 9 Honors :)

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