Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 6th, 2012 Scribe 3rd period (David Harrell)

Today, our homework is to work on our This I Believe essays, and to work on our SAT 9 vocabulary books. For more information on the essay, visit Mrs. Smith's website and click on the Tips for Writing TIB Essay link. In class, we reviewed our SAT 9 words. We will need to know: the word, the definition, and the part of speech. Also, we received our copies of Inherit the Wind. After we talked about the Scopes trial and its background (We will be having a discussion final on Inherit the Wind). It was important because it challenged the laws of banning the theory of evolution in in schools of Tennessee. The law was known as the Butler Act, and Scopes was found guilty. For more information, click here. We then proceeded to vote on who would receive the ultimate honor: the Smitty Award. But first, we reviewed all of the nominations (See previous scribe).

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