Monday, November 26, 2012

Scribe November 26th, 2012 Period 5

Hey guys,

Here's what we did in class today-

1) New seating chart! If you missed class make sure you find out where you sit :)
2) Introduced Loggel! Mrs. Smith went over the details of our class project. We will all work on the same project together and we will all have the same grade. We researched background information on George Orwell and the events that were going on during his life that influenced his writing.
3) Next we got into a circle and discussed the plan for the project. We split the timeline into categories and got into groups. If you were absent, ask a friend if you can join their group. We researched events that happened during the time period that we were assigned. Try to have your research done by tomorrow!

We all have access to the loggel account:

username: smith52012

password: smith5

HOMEWORK: Loggel! Either try to get familiar with loggel or finish your research for your time period! Remember, it's not a timeline of his life- but of the events that happened that could have influenced his writing!

Have a good evening :)

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