Monday, November 12, 2012

Period 5 11-12-12 Scribe

November 12, 2012!
Hello Everyone!!! :)

This is period five English 9 Honors with Smith. The students were rather animated for a Monday. Possibly because the Thanksgiving Break is quickly approaching.

Firstly, we have SAT 10 exercises this week. It starts on page 113.
Also, we are currently working on our This I Believe projects. We should already have our essay written, using the guidelines from the This I Believe Website. We will be recording this essay and linking them to the Google Site that Smith has set up (you should be able to access this site with your google account; if not, see Smith soon). It must be posted by Friday.

But how do I link my recording onto the site, you may ask. Good question.
First, practice your essay many times so you are comfortable saying it out loud. Make corrections. Write in where you need to pause, if that helps. Secondly, record yourself reading the essay on Audacity (which is the little guy with headphones-should be on most computers under "start"; this will be different if you have a mac). Save your recording as follows: firstname,lastinitial (for instance, mine will be called SarahM). Thirdly, save your recording as an MP 3 file. It must be MP 3  Do not skip this step, people! Fourth, link both the paper and the recording onto the google site that Smith created for this project. Remember to put it under your name and to save it under Period 5. [To link your paper/recording, first edit the site and add a link to your name. Open up your recording and your paper, grab the link and put that link in the Google site. Put the link under "web address". Make sure to click the "open in a new window" box.]

FWI, Smith will not be answering e-mails on Thursday night! She'll be watching Emma be Tinker Bell. So, if you're planning to procrastinate, then you won't have Smith's help.

Anyway, after talking about that in class, we acted/read more of Inherit the Wind. We finished Act Two Scene One and started Act Two Scene Two. If you, for any weird reason, will be unable to attend class tomorrow, finish reading these two sections.


  •  SAT 10: every section except for the writing; you must know the word, part of speech, definition, and the synonym.
  • TIB (This I Believe) essay and recording are to be linked onto the Google Site by Friday
Our focus for this week will be completely This I Believe, and Inherit the Wind. Thank you for reading this post of mine. Have a good day you guys! 
Here's a link to today's slide show: click here

This has been brought to you by Sarah, who also happens to play Drummond in Inherit the Wind. :) 

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