Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Scribe 11/27/12 Per5

     Today was a class work day for the Loggel project. Throughout class, we signed up for fishbowl discussions for 1984 (once as a presenter and once as a discusser). We also checked the This I Believe Website to make sure that our Google docs and podcasts were public (click on the share button and check "public on the web". Also make sure to check "open in new window" when you link it on the website). If you have any book still checked out, check them in as soon as possible. Also get a copy of 1984, as we will start reading soon.
     Our homework is to find two political cartoons/editorials. One has to be from modern day and the other from any time during George Orwell's lifespan (1903-1950). Make sure to print both of these, and if they are in color, they must be printed in color. Bring to class Friday. Also, we will be having a fishbowl for pages 1-69 in 1984 on Monday, so be sure to have read that over the weekend. Keep working on the Loggel project (due Wednesday). Remember- this is a timeline of events happening during his lifespan that could have influenced his writing. This includes world events as well as things happening in his personal life. Do a good job- the entire class gets the same grade.


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