Monday, November 26, 2012

Scribe 11/26/12 Bennet D.

Hello class- Today was a very busy day in class. After we listened to the morning announcements, we were given a new seating chart. Then treats were handed out to Aly and Lindsay for their movie trailers on their banned books. Once we were all settled into our new seats, we discussed the agenda for today.this is what the powerpoint said: scribe treats for Aly and Lindsay new seating chart Begin 1984 author information Background information, what was going on at the time in the world Introduce Loggel-play with loggel Homework: Loggel We all need to have a copy of the book “1984” for class. Next, we began discussing our next major project. This project is on loggel about the author of “1984” George Orwell. This project will be done by the class as a whole. Mrs. smith then gave us the command and we began to work on the project. We need to make a timeline of George Orwell’s life and what was happening during his short life. we broke up into four different groups. Here is how the groups are divided. Group 1: Outer Circle Left World- what is going on in the world at a time Group 2: Center Left- Late Life 30 to death 1934-1950 Group 3: Outer Circle Right- Early life, 0-15 1903- 1918 Group 4: Center Right Middle Life: 1918-1934 Here is some info about our loggel account. The username for loggel is: smith3 The password for loggel is: smith3 Tony Deplato and Alexandra Larsen are the creators of the account. David Merkel created a google doc for the class containing the people in the groups. Here is the link: then we just worked in our groups through the end of the period.

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