Thursday, November 29, 2012

Scribe 11/29/12 (P3)


- Mr. Morahan spoke about what was going on at the time that 1984 was written and what was Orwell seeing that he wanted to warn society about? (Cold War, Post WWII, Stalin/Mar, Iron Curtain).


- Read 1984 pg. 1-69 (or stop right before chapter seven if you are using a nook, kindle, etc.)
- Political Cartoons printed out tomorrow. No printing out during class.
- Loggel presentation on Wednesday of next week.

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- Password: smith3
- Loggel class Google Doc link:

Notes on Mr. Morahan’s Discussion:

The Great Depression:
- Not just in America.
- Government went from small to large.
- Germany had just come out of WWII, Hitler tells people that if he received more power than he could change the country’s current situation.
- Russia had a Dictatorship and became communist.

- Capitalism: (USA) Free Market -> Competition -> Motivates Individuals (Consumers)
- Government: Democracy
- Communism:
- Everything Decided by government. Idea of community.
- Ex: If one person owns a shop than everybody owns that shop. Equality in wealth.
- Invented by Karl Marx.
- Government: Dictatorship.
- 0 government = Anarchy and 100% government = Dictatorship

Connection to Orwell:
-Orwell is warning do we know what we are doing? Is there too much government?
- Where does our freedom end and our slavery begin?

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