Thursday, November 15, 2012

11/15/12 Scribe

Hey Class, Scribe Today 11/15/12, we started Language Arts by listening to the morning announcements. As the announcements ended, Mrs. Smith Collected the permission letters handed out to us yesterday. After Thanksgiving break, we will begin reading Little Brother. Here is a link for a website where you can have a free download of Little Brothers. After we disgust the permission slip, we took a quiz on Act 2 Scene 2 with three to four partners. The extra credit question given by Mrs. Smith was what was Emma’s part in her play this evening? Once done with the quiz, we turned it in. Mrs. Smith directed us to set up the room for the courtroom for the reading of Act 3 Scene 3. She asked for volunteers to take the parts required to read this part of Inherit The Wind. Then we read the book until about 10:20 when the class began to discuss the book and what the point of it was. Mrs. Smith brought up the point of how did this book become a motivator for social change. David Merkel found a way to have a successful uploading of the podcast to the turn in site. Here are the steps: Record your essay through audacity Once you have finished recording, export as a wav to the desktop Go to google doc Press the button next to the create button to upload your wav Make your essay and your recording public to the web Go to the turn in site and click edit write “podcast” behind your name Hyperlink the essay to your name and the recording to the word “podcast” Then you are done! The Homework: Make Changes to This I Believe Essay, Record In Audacity, submit recording and essay by TOMORROW permission letter SAT Quiz Tomorrow Sat Exercises 10 due tomorrow

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