Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Design: Period 3

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  1. I believe that if we want to change the way schools are teaching and how they are being run then we need to start by talking to our parents and then reaching out from there. Then one school will change. When one school starts to change it starts a chain of reaction and soon many more schools would become more creative based.

    In reply to Grace about if students should be separated more based on their learning styles: they really should but in turn it would make the classes very very small. Sorting out kids based on their learning style would help them find what they want to end up doing with their lives and finding a real interest.

    In reply to Alexandra L is school about learning the quadratic formula or learning how to learn?" I think that it is more about learning the quadratic formula. I still don't know what the most effective way to take notes are for my brain. I have tried so many different ways and sometimes I do great and sometimes I fail. I can always remember how to find the slope of something though. I mean when was the last time you learned how to take notes?

    In reply to Ethan S. "is primarily pursuing creative options now in education a risk worth taking? Do you believe in the right-brain revolution strongly enough to focus on those subjects, risking a position as a knowledge worker?" I think that people are forgetting that the right brain can work without the left brain. We are so involved with the right brain that we think people are only right brained. So a small change in our education would be a risk, but if it worked out for the majority of the country it should be put into effect. I do not believe that all public schools need to turn into CHAD.