Friday, April 12, 2013

Scribe 4/12/13 - Block 5

Scribe for April 12th, 2013 - Block 5
Today in class Smith was not here so we had a sub. To start the hour off, the sub outlined the agenda for the day and went over homework. Then, everyone got up in front of the class (individually and alphabetically) and read their sentences. Some of my/class favorites were:
“Hear, live, and love the music; ultimately, help others hear it too.” Nate A.
“He was always laughing... and hitting his head.” Dom B.A.
“Do not fear the dark, first get to know it, after you know it, judge it, and act.” Tony D.
-He wrote it in Latin, read it that way and then translated it.
“Nothing hateful every left her lips and only love was emitted by her presence.” Julia G.
“It’s time that I traveled on alone.” Erica M.
“He refused to take the road of easy or the path of the painless.” Hunter S.
“She strived to take hardship and turn it into strength.” Gabby S.
“No matter what other people way, I am smart, I am beautiful, I am strong... and I will succeed.” Taylor V.
“When life gives me lemons, I make grape juice and leave everyone else to figure out how I did it.” Emily W.
Mine was: "She fought the good fight, finished the race, and kept her faith*; all while showing the world what it means to truly laugh, compassionately love, and gracefully live."

After the sentences, the sub instructed everyone to take the two brain tests that are listed on the agenda. With the 1st one you can just click on it but the 2nd one needs to be copied and pasted.
Here are the links:
-On the home page click on KTS-II - CLICK TO TAKE SORTER button in the top right hand corner to take the test.
Once completing both tests and reviewing our results, we headed on over to the class blog and recorded our reflections under the Brains Reflection post. Just follow Smith’s instructions on what to blog on.

     ~Read Intro through Chapter 3 (read Chapter 3)
-Annotations are not required and will not be checked, but are highly recommended for fishbowl and Cover It Live conversations. Remember, discussing non-fiction is wayyyyy different that discussing fiction.
     ~Have questions (tons of questions) ready and prepared for Monday. Even if you are not in the fishbowl you still need them.

If you want to think ahead for next week and TED talks, here is The Scribe from yesterday that outlines everything that is required. Have a nice weekend!
*2 Timothy 4:7

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