Friday, April 26, 2013

Scribe 4-26 Period 3

Today we had a shortened class period. Smith signed our schedules if we planned to continue on in honors, also if we decided to continue on in honors we got a summer reading schedule for the books we HAVE TO read for American Lit Honors. Smith also talked about planning your ted talks.
1. Write out you speech
2. Break down to an outline
3. Break down to key words or phrases

Also start thinking about your visuals. On your visuals don't have a large amount of text, think about using one word to emphasize your point. Smith posted an outline of what to do each day leading up to finals week. Smith also recommends practicing our speech in one minute chances. So practice one minute, then two, then three.

A possible outline for your ted talk could be something like as follows:

-An Attention Getter
-Point 1 and a story that emphasizes your point
-Point 2 and a story that emphasizes your point
-Point 3 and a story that emphasizes your point
A wish, solution or problem solver

We then watched a TED talk by Clay Shirky on cognitive surplus. Watch the video here. Our response is due on our blog before class on Monday.

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