Monday, April 8, 2013

Scribe- period 5 4/8/13

Welcome back from the weekend! Congratulations to Smith for beating her PR by 3 minutes at the half marathon she ran! Here is some info that you can use to plan your week:

- MAPS testing tomorrow
- Performances on Wednesday
- Share prompt book (Both scripts, character reports, company report, words defined, paraphrasing, cut lines, reasoning for cut lines, costuming, stage directions.)
- Bring anything you need for your performance on Wednesday!
- Get a copy of A Whole New Mind (Start reading and LIGHTEN YOUR WORK LOAD)
- Continue working on your sentence

Agenda for today:

-Work in groups on Romeo and Juliet final project

We are returning to our regular work load, so be prepared for your regular amount of homework, and plan your time accordingly!

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