Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Period 5 Scribe 04/03/13

First, we talked about our homework. It is as follows:

Make a google doc that has a copy of your scene and is shared with all people in your group,  it does not have to be shared with Smith yet. Start thinking about costumes, sets and memorizing lines of your scene.  And finally, if you haven’t already, get a copy of A Whole New Mind

Afterwards, we discussed the Romeo and Juliet final project. We are performing scenes from the play on Monday.

For the project:
We turn in a prompt book along with the performance. It is one prompt book per group. This can be done online and just shared with her or be done in a hard copy (in a binder, etc). This book is due Monday and must include the following:

  1. Scene is pasted into a google doc and the following is done:
    1. Find any unknown words and define them
    2. Paraphrase what the scene means
  2. Stage scene: Be creative with the set design, use props, furniture, etc.
    1. Set must be drawn out completely (can be done online)
  3. A second copy of the script that shows:
    1. The lines that have been cut
    2. The lines that were chosen (justify why they were chosen)
    3. Expression/Emotions needed to be portrayed by the character
    4. Stage directions
  4. A picture of the characters in their costumes. It is important that the costumes reflect the style of the scene (western scene=western costumes)
  5. Company Report (the group answers this together)
    1. Found in our packet
  6. Character Report (each character does this on their own)
    1. Found in our packet

Smith then talked about the rubrics. We are graded as a group for our performances so choose wisely. The performance evaluation grades us on work time in class, and all aspects of the performance. There is also a “BONUS” category which is for “something extra” in a scene that blows Smith away. The amount of points awarded in this category is unlimited.

The scenes were then assigned to the groups.

After talking about the scenes, we took an optional but strongly recommended survey for a research group that is using AHS to represent the state of Colorado.

After people began to finish the survey we had time to work on our performances.

Have a good day!

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