Thursday, April 25, 2013

Scribe for April 25th - Block 5

Scribe for April 25th - Block 5
The first thing we did in class was we ran over Smith's suggestions for how to get better grades on your TED Talk blog posts. Then, she talked about our TED Talk final and tips on how to succeed. Lastly, we had our fishbowl over Story.

Improvement for TED Blogs:
-Hyperlink to original sources
-Refer to author by last name
-Punctuate titles correctly
-PROOFREAD: don’t post without proofreading
-Extensions: links are great but explain and connect to
-Response: react, don’t summarize (Smith said Sarah M’s response really good)
-Overuse of author’s name (instead use she, he, they)
-Personal words!!! You can get past them
-Don’t quote in summary: summary is meant to put author’s words in your own words to show your understanding, not the author’s
-Two separate paragraphs (One for Summary, one for Response)
-Put a because in response topic sentence
-Lead-in’s to quotes

People Smith linked to as great examples:

TED Talk Tips
-Smith encourages: Get TED Talk idea/topic done!
-Smith mentioned a day-by-day list of how she recommends your time schedule for the project goes. Here is a link to the document.

Smith’s layout of TED Talk:

AG - Attention getter (story, quote, poem)
Conclusion (sum everything up, call to action)

-Practice in front of family/parents, get feedback - As Smith says, “Practice like the dickens.”
-Take every chance you have - The more you can say it, the more it is going through your head, the better it is
-Do it in car, on the way to work/school, record it and listen to over and over
-Find out what works for you!

What was due today:
-Read Story in AWNM, fish bowl/CoverItLive
-People who got extensions, TED Talk #2 Blog due today (if not posted by now it is a 0)

-TED #3 due tomorrow, on Daniel Pink’s “The Surprising Truth on What Motivates Us”
-Read Symphony in AWNM, Fishbowl Monday

Link to the daily agenda: Week 15

Tomorrow is Friday!

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