Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Scribe 4-17-13 3rd hour

Homework:  Read "Design" chapter in A Whole New Mind

Today in English we meet in the forum about schedules for next year.  We picked up a master course list and our registration card.  Mr. Wadsworth talked to us about what we need to do with these handouts.  See him or another counselor if you were not there or if you have questions.

Pertaining to:
Locker partners
Only one request needs to be made for you and your partner.  Your partner needs to be of the same gender and in the same grade.

Arena Scheduling 
On the day of arena scheduling you will enter the building through the west entrance and walk down the north hallway to the cafeteria.  The registration card has the times you will go to be scheduled.   You can go any time after your last initial group is scheduled but not before.   Arena scheduled does not guarantee you will get every class you sign up for.  Nothing is set in stone.

Registration card
You need to complete and enter in the computer(see Arapahoe website for directions) the information on your registration card by April 29, 2013.  Accomplish this as soon as possible.  When creating your schedule remember you need to have a minimum of 24 credit hours, no more than six unscheduled hours, and no 3 unscheduled hours in a row.  Make sure to complete all required sections of the registration card accurately   If you do not you will have to fix the mistakes and you will be scheduled last.  If you have any questions regarding registration talk to Mr. Wadsworth in the counseling office.

Any English 9 Honors related questions or concerns talk to Ms. Smith via email or in person.  She is off tomorrow first hour, and sixth hour.

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