Thursday, April 18, 2013

Scribe 4-18-13

April 18, 2013
Today we returned to normal English class
We received an excerpt from Daniel Pink’s Drive
Ms. Smith will not be here Monday but we will Fishbowl
We watched Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk called “Schools Kill Creativity
After watching the video we discussed the video

Homework: Read “Design” from AWNM, read the excerpt “The Puzzling Puzzles of Harry Harlow and Edward Deci” from Drive, summary response on Sir Ken Robinson’s TED Talk (Link on weekly powerpoint) due Monday

Summary Response review
Summary-No personnel words
-Title, author main idea
-Examples that support the main idea
Response(Go all out or Gentlemen’s C)-shoot for no personnel words
-Topic sentence
-Link to other pieces
-Extensions/ connections
-Ask questions about the video
-Use question form
-Concluding sentence

Next week-see powerpoint if confused
-Monday-FishBowl-Homework TED video 2(free choice), read Story
-Wednesday- TED 2 (free choice) due
-Thursday- Story fishbowl
-Friday-TED 3 on Daniel Pink’s due
-Following Monday-TED 4 due

Discussed the video
-Fear of failure-schools say being wrong is bad
-Can not find talent in structure
-schools should let creativity flourish
-questions the validity of ADD/ADHD
-over diagnosed
-academic inflation-college degrees mean nothing compared to what they used to be
-math:dance-both are equally important
-school structure hasn’t changed even though the times have changed(industrial revolution Vs. conceptual age)

For any questions talk to Ms. Smith via email or on an off hour.

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