Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Scribe 4/17/2013 period 5

Homework: Read Design and prepare for next week's fishbowl. 

So today we met in the forum to talk about how scheduling for next years classes will work. 
When we came in we picked up a master schedule and registration card.

 Put in alternative courses in case you don't get your choice of class. Teacher initials- before you can move on in a specific subject you have to get it approved by your CURRENT teacher. These classes include Math, World Language, Honors or AP classes, Student assistant, photography, video production etc. You can have a Maximum of 6 off hours and you can't have 3 off hours in a row. Make sure to get this signed by you AND your parent. Your registration card is due in the Guidance Center AND entered into the computer by 2:30 P.M. Monday, April 29, 2013. When entering into the computer make sure to click request this course at first, then go back in and enter Alternatives by clicking request as an Alternate. 

Park in the west parking lot and walk down the north hallway towards the cafeteria. 
Go from table to table and sign up for classes. 
Go out through the south hallway, where a teacher will make sure you have the required 24 credits. After that, you can leave. 
Arena Scheduling doesn't guarantee that you will be in the classes that you signed up for because of the need to balance classes. 

Locker Partners need to be the same grade and gender. only one request has to be made for each pair. 

Questions? See Smith

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