Thursday, April 11, 2013

Scribe- Period 5 4/11/13

Happy Thursday!

To plan ahead for this week and next week:
- Know when you are discussing and presenting for AWNM (Sign up)
- Read AWNM (Intro- Chap. 3) Up to "Design" section. (Fishbowl Monday)
- Smith will not be here tomorrow
- Work on "drive sentence" for tomorrow
- prepare for TED talk
- watch TED talks (please watch 8)
- work ahead and Lighten your work load
For nonfiction fishbowls: If you have a differing viewpoint, Find evidence to back up your opinion.

Today, we will:
- Finish Romeo and Juliet final performances

  • 1st group- Tony and Hayden- Girl theme
  • 2nd group- Taylor's group- Mermaid theme
  • 3rd group- Capri's group- Hippie theme
  • 4th group- Emily W.'s Group (Emily squared)- 1950s theme
  • 5th group- Emily H.- Classic Romeo and Juliet
  • 6th group- David C.- Shakespeare enthusiast group theme

- Introduce AWNM project

  • Read AWNM and "Drive" (Annotate)
  • Watch 8 different TED talks and blog about 4 of them (summary/response format: similar to PLNs)
  • AHS TED talk page
  • Keep in mind
    • This is wrapping up everything we have learned this semester
    • Analyze speaker
  • At the end of this unit, our final will be a five minute TED talk which you write (this speech is VERY IMPORTANT) Write about an idea which you believe is worth spreading
  • It is A LOT OF WORK keep that in mind.
  • This is probably one of the most important assignments of your high school career
  • Instructions will be on the AHS TED talk page.
  • Add emotion to your talk, ENGAGE your audience
  • Work at your own pace, don't throw together a presentation about an idea you don't believe in
  • Don't wait until the very end to plan your presentation
  • Main guideline for what to talk about: An idea worth spreading (What matters to you?)

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