Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Scribe Period 3 April 24

Hello Class,
So here's what happened in class today:

  • Incase you forgot, TED Blog 2 (which was on a TED talk of your choice) was due today! Make sure it is done and posted on YOUR PERSONAL BLOG!
  • Some announcements that Smith made today:
    • We will be making up our MAP test on May 8th so be there and be prepared!
    • Monday is going to be a BIG DAY! We will have our fourth fishbowl for A Whole New Mind on the chapter about Symphony and TED talk 4 is also due
      • Keep in mind, if you are drowning in stress and homework, you can talk to Smith about getting an extension but keep in mind, all things come with a price and the price of an extension is doubling up on blog posts
  • In class today we watched the RSA Animate video (the video for TED blog 3) titled "The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us" by Dan Pink (<- thats a link to the video) 
    • A RSA Animate video is like a TED talk but the presentation is a constant drawing describing what the speaker is saying
    • Keep in mind that you can use this style for your TED talk 
  • After the video we had work time to do whatever we needed to do!
  • Smith also passed out another reading packet from Dan Pink's Drive which you should be reading even though Smith is not checking to make sure you read it 
Well, thats about all we did today! Hope this was helpful! 

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