Friday, April 12, 2013

Scribe 4/12/13 Bennet D.

Hello Class, Today Smith was not here and we had a sub. We began class with the usual announcements and the pledge. We then all read aloud our Google Drive sentences then stabled them to the yellow bulletin board on the West wall. Mrs. Moritz then came in to describe the two brain tests we were supposed to take. Link provided below. After taking the tests and evaluating our results, we were supposed to reflect on both tests on the class blog. Comment on the post Brains reflection. If we were finished, we read and prepared for the fishbowl on AWNM on Monday with Mr. Rosenberg. Link: Test 2: Test 1: HOMEWORK: Finish reading AWNM Intro through Chapter 3 Prepare for the Fish Bowl on Monday with questions and annotations.

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