Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Period 3 Scribe - Tuesday, April 23

Hello everyone!

Today we started off by talking about TED Blog 1 grades. The grades were in as of this morning. Some went beyond the expectations, and others met the "Gentleman's C".

Here are some suggestions for future TED blogs:

  • Summary void of reaction
  • Topic sentence in response needs a why, needs a because
  • Don't summarize in response; react
  • Don't quote in summary; summarize in your own words
  • things: be specific
  • keep summary to summarizing text, video; don't analyze speaking style
  • refer to people by last name not first name
  • eliminate personal words
  • lead-ins to quotes
  • explain and analyze speaking style; comparisons

-Sarah M

The rest of the day was a work day.

The homework for tomorrow is TED Blog 2, and be reading A Whole New Mind.
"If I should have a daughter..." and "The power of vulnerability" are options for TED Blog 2, but you can choose any TED video.

When you get a chance read "The Rise and Fall of Motivation 2.0".

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