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David Merkel Scribe 1 10/2/2012

In third period, 9th grade honors with Smith, we covered a lot of new material. Several new projects have been assigned, and Ms. described them with a lot of detail. Mainly, we will be working on Fahrenheit 451, a project over a banned book that you have read, and PLN 3.

1. By monday, you need a signed letter by your parents giving permission for you to read a banned book. This book can be of any choice, if it has been banned or challenged in the recent history. No one can read the same book as anyone else, so whoever turns in the permission form first gets permission to read the book.

If you want to know what kind of books are challenged or banned go to The American Library Association: Banned books.


A big project over the book you choose is due in a month. Create a movie trailer about your book using short snippets.

Book Fair Book Presentation
Banned Book Letter due______           Banned Book Proposal due ___
Banned Book presentation due ______________
After the completion of your outside reading book, you are to complete the following steps:

1.     Create a movie trailer synopsis of the book.  Make sure to include a strong attention getter to begin your presentation.  This would include the title, author, and main idea of the book.  Explain what the book is about but do so in your own words.  End with a strong concluding statement that leaves your audience with a final impression but be careful not to give away the ending. Upload final video to YouTube and send link to teacher.  *Video should be no more than 1 minute(25 points)
a.     Story board idea: create storyboard of movie trailer indicating with images and text what will be created in movie trailer (10 points)

2.     Research why your particular book is/was challenged or banned and where this challenge or ban occurred.  Create a movie trailer synopsis of your research including proper documentation of your sources both in text and a works cited.  Upload video on YouTube and turn in link to teacher. Also, turn in printed research and works cited on banning/challenging of books *when done in combination with synopsis, total video should be no more than 2 minutes (20 points total- 10 movie trailer/paragraph, 10 works cited with printed research)

3.     Take a stance on either side of the challenging or banned issue regarding your book.  Answer in a paragraph format or short video with a strong topic sentence/attention getter, do you agree or disagree that the book should be challenged or banned?  If so, why?  If not, why not? Need strong examples as support. End with a concluding sentence or thought. )* when done as a video, should be no more than 1 minute. (25 points)

4.     Creativity: there are many options here. Movie trailer or desk space. Make sure entire presentation enhances your presentation of your outside reading book.  Make sure it augments the presentation and adds to the ambience of the fair.  Think about what additional resources you could provide to take your presentation to the next level.  Dazzle your audience!  (20 points)

            Begins with clear topic sentence/ attention getter                                              
            Provides adequate information of the plot
            Strong concluding statement                                                                      _____ / 25
Storyboard idea                                                                                             _____/ 10
                        Includes documentation of source material
            Research printed and turned in
            Works Cited: follows MLA format                                                 _____ / 20
Agree or Disagree:
            Begins with a clear topic sentence
            Provides strong argument for one side
            Ends with a clear concluding statement                                        _____ / 25

            Desk decorated to enhance overall presentation
            Video captures audiences attention: garners desired response
            Above and beyond the expectations of the assignment                            _____ / 20

TOTAL            _____ / 100


Mention/present your product and share its information/benefits in the best creative way to garner the desired response.

What Makes a Movie Trailer? (think of a movie trailer as a tease)

(Mention Product) The name of the movie (book)- this often appears at the end of the trailer. 

(Info/Benefits)  Plot points or cool prestige elements such as the director’s or actors’ names. Be careful not to give away whole story.

(Creative) Exciting editing, clever copy, memorable scenes or dialogue, compelling music. Most important to storyboard out idea.  Think about using catch phrases (powerful quotes), use imagery (taste, touch, see, hear, smell), LESS IS MORE

(Desired Response) TICKET SALES! Money? Get people to read your book?

Examples of movie trailers to watch:

Keep in mind your target audience

How Does That Work With a Book Instead of a Movie?

Add the words “How do I” to the beginning of the Golden Rule.  

Example:  Green Eggs and Ham

Also look at actual movie trailers to come up with ideas.

Banned- Strictly prohibited from being taught or being found in a school library
Challenged- Strongly not recommended to be taught, but can be found in a school library.

2. PLN 3
 The video that we will be responding to is ''Machine's using us". The video was created by Doctor Michael Wesch a Kansas State professor of anthropology. In your PLN you can either simply react to the video, or react upon his persuasion techniques regarding Pathos, Ethos, Logos.
The video link: http://youtu.be/6gmP4nk0EOE

After watching think about the title and what it means: Us/ing us.

3.  Fahrenheit 451: You can either use Ms. Smith's copies or use your own. Have a physical copy by friday October the fifth.

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